The Members Of Arbogast Discuss Their New Album “I” – Metal Underground

Metal Underground chats with arbogast about their sound, their new record, and the upcoming video for “Forming the Flock”:

Chicago’s arbogast is not the kind of band that engages in the conventional nature of metal. Their sound is hard to pinpoint, sounding like a thrashy take on punk one song, and then a sludgy mess on another. Pulling their cues from many different influences helps them retain a sound that can be defined as their own. Arbogast makes the most out of it on their debut album I, which was released back in last December. It was largely overlooked, stuck in the space between end-of-year lists and building anticipation for 2013’s releases. I had the opportunity to speak to all three members of Argogast – bassist/vocalist Aaron Roemig, guitarist/vocalist Mike Scheid, and drummer Mike Rataj – about the creation of I and finding a balance between all the different styles the music pools from.

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