BANGLADEAFY: Sardless reviews “The Briefcase”

The Briefcase sees BANGLADEAFY make use of an array of instrumentation and effects, including old-time piano on ‘Tubes,’ and at the start of the track ‘Show Me The Gold’ there is a sample of a bee swarm or a fly swarm, and a sample that sounds like it is from a Western with that pan-flute sounding noise you hear in cowboy movies. The heavy synth intro to the final track ‘Pest Control’ is pretty interesting. This track also features a pogo-sounding effect at the beginning before what sounds like an 8-bit crowd cheer, and then some organ sounding bits that keeps it all very surprising and interesting then finishes off very dramatically with a piano solo amid some creepy synth. Indeed the whole album is fucking creepy […] The collection clocks in at a brief 14.8 minutes, yet The Briefcase packs in more ideas than the usual human might have across several hours in a day.” – Sardless

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