American Aftermath reviews “Plague Ship”

EL DRUGSTORE take the blueprints provided by bands like Dysrhythmia, Keelhaul, and Don Caballero and create a sound all their own that is equal parts heavy, technical, and zany. Plague Ship sets sail with disorienting, cycling melodies […], angular riffage, psychedelic bass wizardry and erratic drumming […]. This forty-five minute, manic behemoth will devour you whole and let you soak in its psychedelic digestive juices before regurgitating you a changed, possibly mentally-disturbed human being. The music is hyperactive, disjunctive and jarring. It will enthrall you as well as pummel you with its tornadoes of complex riffing and eccentricities. Instrumental technical metal has been done before but EL DRUGSTORE have a style all their own and Plague Ship can attest to that. If you like your music drug-induced and mentally-deranged, then you should give EL DRUGSTORE a chance.” – American Aftermath

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