mOck: Berlin puzzle-rockers announce 10″ EP + streaming track

We’re super pumped to introduce you to Berlin’s DIY-sweethearts mOck, and we’re excited to bring you North American distribution of their brand new 10″ EP Components!

mOck challenges us in all the best ways: the trio oscillates between scintillating outbursts and minimalistic reservation. Persisting melodies, rhythmic ruptures and free floating structures combine to create a sound that is unique and yet catchy, playful and yet precise. For fans of Karate, Tortoise, or Joan of Arc.

Components drops February 21st via German indie label Coraille and will see US release (10″ vinyl + digital) February 25th courtesy of yours truly. In Japan, Friend Of Mine Records will launch the EP as part of an exclusive CD-release on March 19th. US pre-orders will be announced this weekend. In the meantime listen to the EP’s instrumental track “Singh”, streaming below.


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