EASTERN ANCHORS, ZERO FOR CONDUCT: EP Release Show Aug 15 @ Court Tavern

Ten amazing NJ bands are getting together for a weekend of noise at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. Included in the festivities are our lads EASTERN ANCHORS and ZERO FOR CONDUCT, as they ready their 7″ EP for release this Tuesday Aug 12. Stream the record below, view the new video for “Above Your Station”, and order your copy here.


Facebook invites so you can join us and rock out:
Fri Feb Aug 15th Zero Conduct, Eastern Anchors, Duochrome, Milwaukees, 4444
Sat Feb Aug 16th The Stuntcocks, Prosolar Mechanics, Bionic Rhoda, Boss Jim Gettys, Blithe (doll)

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