The Top 25 Beers of 2014 as Presented by El Drugstore Guitarist Kevin Conway – GearGods

El Drugstore

Life is way too short to drink shitty beer:

We’re taking another resurfacing breath from winter vacation today to bring you this most important of lists. Because odds are that you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, and statistically speaking you probably drink alcohol and may be itching for a few suggestions to impress your snooty friends with. So with those considerations in mind we turned to Kevin Conway, guitarist of the band El Drugstore and one of the most discerning palates in metal, to request a rundown of the top beers of 2014. Cheers.

El Drugstore are currently a few snifters deep into the writing of a new record. You can check out the band’s most recent recording, Plague Ship, at this location.

Get the complete rundown on Conway’s 25 favorite beers of 2014 right here. Wishing you a safe and happy New Year from Nefarious Industries.