TAPE EATER: New Bedford Noise Rockers Prepare Crushing Debut EP for Limited Cassette Release

Nefarious Industries is proud to welcome New Bedford-based newcomers Tape Eater to our hilariously doomed and dysfunctional family. To mark Tape Eater‘s arrival on the scene, we’re bringing to you a very limited cassette release of their debut EP Bleeders (streaming below in it’s entirety for your listening pleasure while you enjoy the remainder of this most gripping of educational narratives).

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Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Clinton Lisboa at Soundbox Recording in New Bedford, Mass., Bleeders is an intimidating wall of bludgeoning sludge metal: harsh, melodic, complex in it’s form, and brutally raw in it’s delivery. These songs are soaked in tone, and rightfully belong on the warm and saturated recording medium that is magnetic audio cassette. Bleeders ships out March 17th and will be limited to 70 hand-numbered cassette tapes, 50 red, 20 clear, featuring alternate artwork by Markus Spiske.

Preorder Bleeders RIGHT HERE, and catch Tape Eater on March 13th in New Bedford, Mass., at No Problemo [info].

Tape Eater @ No Problemo


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