BRANDON SEABROOK’S NEEDLE DRIVER: Review in The New York City Jazz Record

“Guitarist BRANDON SEABROOK is a familiar face in New York’s new music circles, having played with Peter Evans and Jacob Garchik among others. NEEDLE DRIVER is a trio with bassist Johnny DeBlase and drummer Allison Miller, a take-no-prisoners merging of avant garde jazz, progressive rock, and heavy metal. Nothing settles into a groove—it’s nervous and constantly changing up. Seabrook probably wouldn’t want to hear the comparison, but the abrupt start and stops, constant tempo changes and ultra-fast virtuosic guitar work are reminiscent of classically-influenced British rockers Genesis, Yes, Hatfield and the North, and Gentle Giant. […] a sort of merger between shredding and Philip Glass minimalism.” – Jim Motavalli, The New York City Jazz Record

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