Album Review: BLIGHT HOUSE’s “Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre” – The Void Report

“What the fuck is this shit?!?” Those were the first thoughts running through my mind on my maiden spin of Rhode Island death/gore lunatics BLIGHT HOUSE’s Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre. Categorizing the band as death metal is merely a convenient reference point. This isn’t death metal. This is the soundtrack for the most brutal horror film you’ve never seen. Indeed, the album title alone is what first sparked my interest. But, if you think this is going to be a fun romp through the woods as you’re chased by a faceless slasher, you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. Though only clocking in at 24-minutes across 10 songs, the material here feels longer. It’s definitely an experience. Claustrophobic, merciless, blasphemous, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre sounds like instruments are being tortured in the process of recording the songs.” – The Void Report

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