BLIGHT HOUSE: Ten From the Tomb 8/25/18: Choking on death’s fumes, high off the decay – Grizzly Butts

“Spawned from self-quarantined delirium and manifesting as a never ending fever dream Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is only the latest offense extruded from Rhode Island’s BLIGHT HOUSE. It’s howling deathly mush of slammed grindcore resolves as a meaty paste of awkward and hellish death metal music. Wretched, violently-crapped bedroom bilge meets hardcore grooves and British grind/death influences for a blasting shitbeast of an album; I’m honestly not knocking the thing, it is fabulously stupid and disturbing. I will never get tired of the sort of samples that folks put into this type of music and only wish they’d have gone a different route with the drums so that they didn’t sound like bad early 00’s industrial black metal.” – Grizzly Butts

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