Columnus Metallicus: Heavy Metal For August Reviewed By Kez Whelan – The Quietus

“the instrumental Cactides finds Gates really broadening out her sound and exploring a host of new textures and ideas. There’s almost no trace of death metal here, with TITAN TO TACHYONS venturing into heady avant-prog-metal territory, but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of riffs. Take ‘The Starthinker Is Obsolete’ for example, which is built around an oddly timed but nevertheless ginormous sludge riff, or opener ‘Morphing Machineminds’, which kicks off with the kind of subtle, jazzy guitar licks you might find on a later Tom Waits record before opening up into a dissonant, jarring King Crimson-esque groove and then abruptly unleashing a volley of hyper speed blasts whilst Gates taps out dizzying, atonal leads. […] Cactides may be too out-there and amorphous for some, but if you’re partial to prog in any form, the album’s intricate, fluctuating layers and bewilderingly psychedelic feel make it one fascinating trip indeed.” – The Quietus

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