Tovarish is a Soviet black/doom metal band from Rhode Island. Drawing on inspiration from Khanate, Sunn O))), Celtic Frost, Nortt, and Xasthur, their music is full of tense buildups, pounding bass and political samples that give way to doomed guitar wails, droning keys and excruciating vocals.

The most common question asked of the band is “Is it normal to want to kill myself after listening to you?” And the answer is simply “Yes.” There is no hope. There is no salvation. There is only Tovarish.



BLIGHT HOUSE: Interview with The Doorway to Zine

Rhode Island gore/death duo BLIGHT HOUSE discuss corrugated rubber tubing, the obsolescence of music videos, and plans for a sequel to “Moms Away” titled “Moms Away II: Dad Bod” in a candid interview with Clint Listing at The Doorway To Zine. Read the full interview RIGHT HERE.

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BLIGHT HOUSE: Nefarious Industries To Release Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre By Rhode Island-Based Bizarre Death Duo; Lead Track Debuted At Svbterranean + Preorders Posted – Earsplit Compound

Blight House

Nefarious Industries presents Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, the second album from bizarre Rhode Island-based gore/death duo, BLIGHT HOUSE. The curmudgeon tones of the record’s lead track, “Summer Camp Sex Party,” has been dragged from the cellar and put on public display through a Svbterranean premiere.

Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre was recorded and mixed by F.O. Gorey at Great Swamp, Rhode Island, mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering in New Jersey, and completed with art and layout by Andrew Grant.

The BLIGHT HOUSE crew discloses of the new album’s grotesque lead track, “Grab your sunscreen and your machete! Everyone needs summer jams, even filthy metal heads. This summer comes Summer Camp Sex Party Massacrefeaturing ten slamming jams to ruin the good times. The party starts now with the semi-title track, ‘Summer Camp Sex Party.’ Come to camp in the Ocean State! Grab some lube and pitch a tent. Or not. You probably won’t survive the first night.”

Svbterranean dubs the album, “ten new tracks of gore-soaked, disemboweling death metal that shreds and slams.”

Get slammed with BLIGHT HOUSE’s Summer Camp Sex Party at Svbterranean HERE.

Summer Camp Sex Party will be issued on CD and digital via Nefarious Industries on Friday, August 3rd; find preorders at Bandcamp HERE and the label shop HERE.

BLIGHT HOUSE formed in the swamps of Southern Rhode Island in 2014 when Frank Owen Gorey took ill with a fever in the height of the summer heat. Quarantined to a dark, clammy, moldering basement, he shredded his guitar through waves of febrile dementia, for days on end, until the fever broke. Emerging from confinement and reviewing the odious audio left behind, he called upon his colleague Frank Lloyd Blight to lend a disgusting, phlegmatic layer to the disorienting, spasmodic riffs Gorey had spewed during his subterranean convalescence. The result was BLIGHT HOUSE’s first, self-released, self-titled album of grinding death metal.

Neither of the Franks is well, and through subsequent years of unspeakable suffering they continued to bleed, blast, blister, and blaspheme through more recordings, refining their take on extreme heavy metal. Continuing BLIGHT HOUSE’s fixations on themes including horror, wrestling, the occult, and love, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre offers ten tracks rife with earworms as bountiful as maggots on road-kill. Layers of monstrous vocals, disturbing samples, and swarming, occasionally melodic riffs make each track memorable in its own right while presenting an overall aesthetic of insanity, terror, and senseless, all-consuming rage.

Blight House - Summer Camp Sex Party

Summer Camp Sex Party Track Listing:
1. Summer Camp Sex Party
2. Moms Away
3. Acephalophilia II – The Decollation
4. You Deserve This
5. The Warriors Have Come
6. Immaculate Rejection
7. Decrepit Phallic Monuments
8. Feeding Time
9. Follow Your Leader (Kill Yourself)
10. Pray the Slay Away

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Slow End reviews “Red Hearts in a Dead World”

“Huis-clos dont les parois se resserrent encore et encore, Red Hearts In A Dead World a tout du submersible en perdition, la claustrophobie à son paroxysme; et plutôt que de laisser transparaitre la moindre faiblesse, il a sa façon bien à lui, d’une austérité pour le moins terrifiante, d’accepter son funeste sort.” – Slow End


Winter Torment reviews “Red Hearts in a Dead World”

“Apocalyptic soundscapes that are at times just plain creepy as they are heavy. Tovarish does not create music for the masses.” – Winter Torment Zine


Pest Webzine reviews “Read Hearts in a Dead World”

Tovarish‘ music is no fun whatsoever, this is the soundtrack of the apocalypse.” – Pest Webzine


2012: Looks like we’re all still here… some words from Kevin Conway

2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Nefarious Industries. Two and a half years into this moronic experiment, we’re getting the opportunity to work with a wide array of artists that are all creating incredible and diverse music. We’re proud to be able to continue to bring you guys such a variety of music that you might not have been exposed to otherwise.

Before I delve too deeply into our future plans, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the great bands that we’ve worked with in 2012. So Is The Tongue, Mount Gomery, Tovarish and arbogast all made great records, and we’re proud to have worked along side of them. If you haven’t checked their records out yet, please do so. Also, don’t forget to avail yourself to our free digital sampler here.

Constants and AxiomsNow, onto the new stuff. We’re going to kick off our year with our first ever international release! Seven Nines and Tens from Vancouver will be releasing a digital single through our label on January 1st titled Constants and Axioms/Kemptville. Seven Nines and Tens plays a particularly muscular and brainy brand of post rock that I think you will all enjoy thoroughly. You can get a taste of the single on our digital sampler. We’re happy to be spreading our auditory virus north of the border!

Seven Inches of A Fucking ElephantJanuary 22nd will mark the return of one of our flagship artists, A Fucking Elephant. We’ll be releasing their amazing new 7″, Seven Inches of A Fucking Elephant. Most of you who follow our collective exploits are familiar with this band’s mindfuckery, and I can assure you that this release is a wonderful extension of that. The EP 7″ will be available in limited quantities of yellow and black vinyl, accompanied by stunning artwork from the warped mind of Eric Nyffeler ( Pre-Order now to be entered into the raffle for a chance to win a test pressing of this slick 45. The band will be hitting the road hard in January. Check out their tour dates here.

We’ll be spending most of the spring on 2 awesome vinyl releases. The first will be Farmer’s Almanac by East of the Wall. This one holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first record I ever played on, and I have been waiting to have this on vinyl for quite a few years. We don’t have an exact release date for this one yet, but it will be out in time for the band’s spring tour.

Next up will be Goes To Purgatory by Jar’d Loose. If you’re not already familiar, this awesome Chicago band plays a grimy, Am-Rep sort of nastiness that will get your head banging. We’re happy to be releasing Goes To Purgatory on vinyl. Make sure to check them out on tour next month. Dates can be found here.

My band, El Drugstore, will FINALLY release our debut full-length, Plague Ship, this spring. Needless to say, I’m very proud of the songs on this record and I can’t wait for you all to hear them. More release details are forthcoming. In the meantime, check out a demo of the track “Fascinating Underpants” here.

All of the nuttiness that I outlined above is just the beginning of our year. We’ll be releasing a new record from Pigeon ( at some point early in 2013. We’ll be making some forays into improvised acoustic world music, as well as free jazz. One of my goals for this label from day one has been to expose whatever followers we have to a ton of music of all styles that they likely wouldn’t have heard otherwise. 2013 is a big step towards achieving that goal.

A big thank you is in order to everyone who has bought a record from one of our bands, or even just came to a show or helped spread the word. Onwards and upwards.


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SonicAbuse reviews “Red Hearts In A Dead World”

Red Hearts In A Dead World is a sonically challenging morass that will neatly divide opinion between those who can’t even begin to fathom the purpose of such white-hot noise experimentation, and those who embrace the adventurous journey Tovarish have embarked upon – extreme music necessarily garnering extreme opinions.” – Sonic Abuse

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A weekend of epic proportions! arbogast record release; return of the DRX; Batillus, Gnaw & Tovarish

Holy crap, what a weekend we have ahead! If you are in/near any of the below cities, be sure to check out these intense performances.

CHICAGO – Thursday 11/29 – arbogast, Rollo Tomasi, Cokegoat @ Quenchers Saloon
arbogast’s I drops December 4, and is available for pre-order.
more info

NEW YORK – Friday 11/30 – the DRX, Smother Party, Epistasis, My Mount
ain @ Don Pedros
The DRX will be performing new material with an all new NYC lineup.
more info

PROVIDENCE – Saturday 12/1 – Batillus, Gnaw, Tovarish, Kintaan, Limiter Limited @ AS220
See 2 kickass NYC bands at this one-off Providence show.
more info

If all this doesn’t sufficiently kick your ass, don’t miss Behold the Arctopus’ Record Release Show with Ocrilim and El Drugstore on Sat Dec 15 @ Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
more info

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Dead Formats reviews “Red Hearts in a Dead World”

“Hauntingly scary. It’s dark and deconstructed in such a way that no song feels formulaic but nothing seems totally improv.” – Dead Formats


‘Red Hearts in a Dead World’ Released Today

Red Hearts in a Dead World, the new full-length from Tovarish, is now available on CD and immediate high quality digital download.

Red Hearts in a Dead World

Red Hearts In A Dead World

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CD + MP3 Download

Limited run featuring bonus material
Instant Download + CD – ships immediately
*price includes shipping costs


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Instant Download

$5.00 or more


American Aftermath reviews ‘Red Hearts in a Dead World’

“Prepare to be utterly frightened […] this album is going to send chills down spines everywhere.” – American Aftermath

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‘Red Hearts In A Dead World’ Available for Pre Order; TOVARISH Announce CD Release Show

Nefarious Industries is proud to announce the release of Red Hearts In A Dead World, the new album from Rhode Island’s black/doom metal outfit Tovarish. Vastly atmospheric, excruciatingly hopeless, and laden with pure evil, Red Hearts is a truly unique addition to our catalog. The album will be released October 2nd on CD – a limited run featuring bonus material – and digital download. Pre-order the CD right here, and be sure to check out the CD release show this Friday, September 28th, at AS220 featuring KINTAAN, Woozy, Olde Growth, and The Vomit Arsonist.

Red Hearts in a Dead World

Red Hearts In A Dead World

CD Pre-Order

CD – ships October 2, 2012
Limited run featuring bonus material.
*price includes shipping costs

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