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Alternative Matter reviews ‘The Deepening Hole’

“It has to be said that there are very few albums or EP’s that come to the listener as a genuine surprise in that they display that essence of originality. The Deepening Hole by the DRX, essentially the brainchild of…


Ben Thompson ( reviews ‘The Deepening Hole’

“It says something about the DRX that the mellowest song on their album is a track about a dude disemboweling himself on stage and pulling his own guts out in a performance that would have made Sid Vicious cry a single tear of joy. This is a band that has a dude ripping open his chest cavity on the CD jacket. This isn’t a band that fucks around or pulls any punches. […] Their songs are aggressive without being overwhelming, sincere and emotional without being lame, and catchy without being fucking annoying – a difficult mix, but one they’ve nailed in this album.” – Ben Thompson (


Avantgarde Metal reviews The Deepening Hole

“You know you have a winner, when after the 7 minute song ends, you want to hear it again. But you don’t, because it flows right into the next track.” – Avantgarde Metal