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Sea of Tranquility reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“The melodies presented are fantastic but when the band steps outside the box they go all out to impress, offering starkness that is beguiling and slightly discordant, with more twists and turns than a rattle snake.” – Sea of Tranquility


Collective Zine reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“It’s smart, dexterous and seems deadly earnest in its over-emoting, a Child Of Divorce ultimately comes across like some weird musical hodgepodge that references Faraquet, Toiling Midgets, Converge, Sense Field and a decidedly less crushing Bloodiest.” – Collective Zine


Sweet Bread Productions reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“As would be expected from a band that cites both Khanate and Jeff Buckley as influences, making direct comparisons to the sound So is the Tongue arrives at is not an easy task.” – Sweet Bread Productions


Lords of Metal reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“So Is The Tongue is stubborn and they don’t give a flying fart about the written laws of prog rock. […] The ultimate compliment for a band like this is that their sound does not exist. Yet.” – Lords of…


Music Emissions reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“A Child of Divorce is a fantastic conceptual piece that highlights the inherent talent this 3-piece has in terms of chemistry, individual instrumental prowess and for penning interesting hooks, grooves and pieces of songs that burst out at you suddenly…


Alternative Matter reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“Discarding all compositional boundaries, this experimental/progressive three piece band from New Jersey has undeniably emerged out of the woodwork with something different.” – Alternative Matter


SO IS THE TONGUE: Sophomore LP Streaming At BrooklynVegan

“So Is The Tongue never succumb to the trappings of overt-technicality at the expense of good songwriting.” Stream a Child of Divorce in its entirety now at BrooklynVegan.

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American Aftermath reviews ‘a Child of Divorce’

“All in all, this is probably the first great record of 2012. If you’re looking for a unique sounding record then look no further. It’s mostly a melodic record but when they decide to bust out the heaviness, they go…

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SO IS THE TONGUE: New LP Set For Release Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

“SO IS THE TONGUE’s emotional rock transcends from its convoluted jazz, folk, progressive metal, post-rock and other diversified origins into surreal and ultimately unique movements. Melodic vocals build into enraged outbursts, clean and distorted guitar riffs and rolling bass scales…