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EASTERN ANCHORS + ZERO FOR CONDUCT Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….” – Review Stalker

“The onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.” – Review Stalker

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Bucket Full Of Nails: EASTERN ANCHORS / ZERO FOR CONDUCT – Split 7″

“Clocking in at under seven minutes, the split is a mix of frenetic pop-punk courtesy of Eastern Anchors’ “Above Your Station” and melodic thunder on Zero for Conduct’s “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks.”” – Bucket Full Of Nails


CoolDad Music: New Single from EASTERN ANCHORS, Split with ZERO FOR CONDUCT

“The Anchors‘ track, “Above Your Station,” rides a big, Bob Mouldian guitar riff and opens with the line, “Can’t catch a break to save your soul. Raise up your kids on rock ‘n roll.”; and the song does a good…

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