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Album Review: CINEMA CINEMA CCXMD – Ink 19

“…evokes Naked City, a lost and found coda from that Pharaoh Sanders collaboration with Sonic Youth – which doesn’t exist – and a teaspoon of DNA.” – Ink 19

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Album Review: CINEMA CINEMA’s new and noteworthy – The Colorado Springs Independent

“The opening sax and synth blasts from this wild EP can make you remember first hearing Pere Ubu’s debut album, or the noisy artists in Eno’s No New York project. The Brooklyn duo of Ev Gold and Paul Claro have…

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CINEMA CINEMA: CCXMD – Invisible Oranges

“Weird music for weird people. This is art punk’s finest taken to their furthest extreme. CINEMA CINEMA’s collaboration with Matt Darriau is wild — somehow free jazz, art punk, and Modern (that’s with a capital M, mind you) at the…

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CINEMA CINEMA Pack Spectacularly Freeing Weirdness Into Their New ‘Art Punk’ – Captured Howls

“The new album CCXMD from the Brooklyn-area “art punk” group CINEMA CINEMA packs personalized glorious weirdness into sprawling, completely unpredictable songs. […] The way in which this group dials into fierce, even irresistible melodicism even while exploring the outer reaches…

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CINEMA CINEMA: CCXMD Album Review – SonicAbuse

“CCXMD sees the band further their horizons by recruiting Matt Darriau (The Klezmatics) for a jazz-infused, largely improvised session that edges into territory that Thurston Moore has long called home. The results are most assuredly not for mainstream consumption, but…

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Album Review: Cinema Cinema – Selective Memory

“If Jethro Tull was a psychedelic jam band that listened to a massive amount of Wire, Soft Machine, and Chicago Art Ensemble […] What an aural journey this band takes the listener on. We feel the sense of anarchy staring…

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Avant Punk Rockers CINEMA CINEMA Return With CCXMD (Album Stream + Interview) – PopMatters

“…a sweeping release that is undoubtedly punk in spirit while also including doses of ambient and free jazz. If the New York City music scene has long been about marrying the raw aggression of frustrations of urban life with the…

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CINEMA CINEMA: CCXMD – Aural Aggravation

“CINEMA CINEMA are following their creative urges and aren’t dictated by any perception of fan demands or dictates: they do what they do because they’re driven to do it, and certainly not because of any label or trend. And this…

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Song Premiere: CINEMA CINEMA Get Exploratory With Jazz-like Excursion on “Colors” – Glide Magazine

“They manage to pull strange and otherworldly sounds out of both as they riff back and forth, with jazz-like drums adding power throughout and building up a feeling of tension and suspense. This is heady stuff that is meant to…

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Track Premiere: CINEMA CINEMA’s “Radio Ready” is a Furious Squall of Punk Improvisation – Treble

“…a blend of noise, no wave and free-jazz, somewhere between early Boredoms, Captain Beefheart, and a primal scream therapy session. It’s anything but commercial…” – Treble

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