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2022 Subscription Club

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As we enter another decade of crime, slime, and grime, we’re launching the Nefarious Industries Subscription Club to nourish your off-kilter tastes. 2022 is crammed with releases and the Sub Club is the perfect way to take advantage of this encroaching deluge of dissonance, as well as get your hands on some exclusive subscriber perks. See below for complete details about what we have in store for you. Registration is limited, so don’t snooze!

All 2022 vinyl releases, limited to 50 subscriptions
(US shipping included; CAN +$30; INTL +$65; JP/AU/NZ +$95)
($225 retail value before shipping)

All 2022 catalog releases including vinyl, limited to 35 subscriptions
(US shipping included; CAN +$40; INTL +$75; JP/AU/NZ +$115)
($335 retail value before shipping)

Sub Club perks:
- Subscribers are guaranteed the most limited color variant for each pressing
- Exclusive Nefarious Industries Sub Club T-shirt
- Exclusive Nefarious Industries Sub Club coffee mug
- Nefarious Industries tote bag
- 10% off all online store purchases through 2022
- Bandcamp hosted download codes for all Nefarious Industries 2022 releases

The Rules of Sub Club:
1. You do not talk about Sub Club
3. Shipping is included in the subscription fee for ALL subscribers
4. Non-US subscribers will receive quarterly shipments with multiple releases in a single package

SLIME CLUB subscribers will receive the following nine (9) LP releases:

Winter/Spring 2022
NEF-78 - NEQUIENT - new full-length from Chicago d-beat thrashers
NEF-88 - HIRAKI - Danish noise-rock/synth-punk, collection of remixes from 2021 full-length
NEF-67 - CONTEMPLATOR - Quebec City instrumental progressive metal

Summer 2022
NEF-80 - SARATTMA - debut full-length from Matt Hollenberg (Cleric, John Frum, John Zorn) and Sara Neidorf (Mellowdeath, ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aptera)
NEF-83 - ANXIOUS WAVE - debut full-length from Providence noise/post-hardcore outfit
NEF-85 - MACHINIST! - two heavy-hitting blackened sludge albums issued for the first time on wax

Autumn 2022
NEF-84 - GEMATRIA - new album of hallucinogenic prog from Ray Suhy (Six Feet Under, Cannabis Corpse, ex-East Of The Wall) and Steve Honoshowsky (Daughter Vision, Billy Martin’s Fang Percussion, No Use For Humans)
NEF-90 - BRIAN! - angular chaotic bassoon metal from the Ithaca underground
NEF-96 - LACES OUT - debut full-length from NY angular post-hardcore trio

GRIME CLUB subscribers receive above, plus the catalog entries below, a total of eighteen (18) releases:

Winter/Spring 2022
NEF-82 - BYE BYE TSUNAMI (CS) - heart-breaking Danish cyborg screams from planet 無
NEF-91 - MAC GOLLEHON (CS) - film noir avant-jazz from world renowned NYC trumpet slayer
NEF-86 - EUNOIA (CD) - Cincinnati blackened grunge

Summer 2022
NEF-95 - MINE COLLAPSE (CD) - new EP from Chicago sludge-punk trio
NEF-81 - RUSK (CS) - debut from members of post/math-rock duo Jerkagram, recorded by John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake)
NEF-93 - LACES OUT (CS) - new EP from NY angular post-hardcore trio

Autumn 2022
NEF-92 - GRIDFAILURE + MEGALOPHOBE (CS) - experimental/lo-fi jazz collaboration
NEF-94 - HUMANS ETCETERA (CS) - new album from Wenzhou, China-based experimental rock outfit
NEF-50 - GRIDFAILURE (CS) - Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery box set of paranoia-induced power dementia, includes SMES I, II & III