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The Nefarious Industries Subscription Club is back and registration for 2023 is now open! See below for complete details about what we have in store for you. Registration is limited, so don’t snooze!

All 2023 vinyl releases, limited to 65 subscriptions
($175 retail value before shipping)

All 2023 catalog releases including vinyl, limited to 35 subscriptions
($230 retail value before shipping)

(Prices include US shipping; CAN +$30; INTL +$65; JP/AU/NZ +$95)

Sub Club perks:
- Subscribers are guaranteed the most limited color variant for each pressing
- Exclusive Nefarious Industries Sub Club T-shirt
- 10% off all online store purchases through 2023

The Rules of Sub Club:
1. You do not talk about Sub Club
3. Shipping is included in the subscription fee for ALL subscribers
4. Non-US subscribers will receive quarterly shipments with multiple releases in a single package

SLIME CLUB subscribers will receive the following six (6) LP releases:

NEF-64 - BANGLADEAFY - NYC prog duo's industrial masterpiece Housefly issued for the first time on vinyl
NEF-97 - CINEMA CINEMA - Brooklyn avant-punks return with their seventh full-length
NEF-99 - MAC GOLLEHON & THE HISPANIC MECHANICS - Latin grooves from world-renowned trumpet assassin Mac Gollehon
NEF100 - NEFARIOUS INDUSTRIES label-wide compilation celebrating 100 catalog releases and featuring exclusive new tracks from some of our flagship artists 
NEF101 - BASSOON - sophomore offering from stoner metal/fusion trio
NEF104 - CHIARAOSCURO - San Francisco-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist delivers ethereal full-length debut, partially recorded at a water tank with a 40-second reverb

GRIME CLUB subscribers receive above, plus the catalog entries below, a total of eleven (11) releases:

NEF103 - EYES (CD) - sophomore album from Copenhagen, Denmark based hardcore outfit released via Indisciplinarian
NEF-98 - VOIDSCAPE (CS) - scathing melodic death metal featuring members of Tombs, Replicant, Windfaerer, Abacinate
NEF102 - EQUIVOCATOR (CS) - progressive hardcore featuring members of East of the Wall
NEF105 - OXX (CS) - third full-length offering from Danish avant-hardcore technicians
NEF106 - TINA FEY // LOUISE (CS) - Cincinnati mathcore/post-hardcore