Tvivler - EGO




12" black vinyl, hand numbered, edition of 500

Ships May 01, 2020.  Free shipping on US orders.

Release Date: April 03, 2020
Catalog ID: NP004
Label: Negativ Psykologi Records

Copenhagen based TVIVLER (ex- Lack, Children Of Fall, Obstacles) are about to drop their debut full length EGO on their own Negativ Psykologi Records. The album is the sequel to a trilogy of 7” EPs named Negativ Psykologi #1-3 and will be released April 3rd 2020. North American orders will ship May 1st 2020.

EGO is an album of courage and defiance. It is an album about relations and relations to self, about knots and inner monstrosities. It is songs in the neoliberal Copenhagen, songs from late modern life, songs about the insides of capitalism, about keeping up without holding on. It is an album of songs about reclaiming life from hopelessness. About wanting and committing to what is important.

A1 sabotage
A2 tvangslogik
A3 forkert
A4 kandidat
A5 barn
A6 brudt
A7 forfalden
A8 vold
B1 komplet
B2 jonas
B3 vestover
B4 flokløs
B5 knytnæve
B6 venter
B7 navn

Tvivler is Morten Ogstrup Nielsen (bass), Thomas Feltheim (guitar), Morten Clausen (drums) and
Thomas Burø (vocals).

Recorded and engineered by Sune Kaarsberg at Black Tornado, Copenhagen, Denmark 2019. Co-engineered by Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne.

Mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep, Oakland CA. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland OR. Pre-production by Jeppe Street Jarlstrøm.

Illustration by Alex Uren. Layout by Julie Da Silva Résende. Photo by Klaus Knakkergaard and Mads Ogstrup Nielsen. Lyrics in English translated by Sigurd Baark.

All lyrics and music written by Tvivler. Saxophone on tracks 1 & 5 by Henrik Pultz Melbye.

Thanks to everyone involved. A special thanks to Sille Høker Neumann, Casper Scharfe, Troels Ljung, Lars Lundholm and Frederik Brandt Jakobsen.

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