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Twin God

NY/NJ sludge metal trio TWIN GOD (ex-In Musth) prep debut EP for Nefarious Industries – BrooklynVegan

“The EP’s got two songs, one of which is the seven-minute “You And I (Death Of The Twin),” which premieres in this post. It’s got some strong hints of Leviathan-era Mastodon, but TWIN GOD shake things up with a Neurosis/Godspeed-style post-rock mid-section too.” – BrooklynVegan

PSYCHOSOMATIC - The Invisible Prison LP

PSYCHOSOMATIC: The Invisible Prison – Metal Temple

“There are many things that can be said about PSYCHOSOMATIC. Their long history and influence on the genres they have inhabited as well as their sheer technical prowess on their instruments. But the main point that this album brings across to any metal fan is that some things just get better with age.” – Metal Temple

BANGLADEAFY 2020 - photo by Jayden Spano

BANGLADEAFY: Metal Injection Premieres “Tar” Video; NYC Avant Metal Duo To Release Housefly Album Through Nefarious Industries Next Week – Earsplit Compound

photo by Jayden Spano As New York City-based avant metal duo BANGLADEAFY prepares for their new album, Housefly, to see release through Nefarious Industries next week, the first video for the album has been unleashed. The hyperactive attack of “Tar” is now playing … Continue reading

BANGLADEAFY - photo by Jayden Spano

BANGLADEAFY’s New Song “Tar” Is A Reflection On Lawless Shows – Metal Injection

“These two dudes are just too good. […] Should you not be acquainted with their intense and brief outbursts of music, what better time than now? What better song than “Tar” to just turn all the way up and blow out your speakers to?” – Metal Injection

PSYCHOSOMATIC - The Invisible Prison LP

Album Review: PSYCHOSOMATIC “The Invisible Prison” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“A blistering display of visceral old school thrash, if you’re not careful, The Invisible Prison might prove impossible to leave.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

PSYCHOSOMATIC - photo by Michael Alvarez

PSYCHOSOMATIC: The Invisible Prison review – Angry Metal Guy

PSYCHOSOMATIC combines D.R.I.‘s punkish qualities with some old-school California greats, like Exodus and Metallica. And, to be honest, most of their albums fucking slay. And to make things even more relevant, PSYCHOSOMATIC has done well to modernize their sound with the occasional use of the crossover style made popular these days by Power Trip.” – Angry Metal Guy

PSYCHOSOMATIC - photo by Michael Alvarez

PSYCHOSOMATIC: The Invisible Prison – Capital Chaos TV

“From the opening track “We Don’t Trust You” to the last track of “Spiral Orthodox” the coalescing of New Wave of American Thrash vs 80’s Thrash finds a perfect resident within this release.” – Capital Chaos TV

PSYCHOSOMATIC 2019 roof garage web [photo by Michael Alvarez]

PSYCHOSOMATIC: The Invisible Prison (Album Review) – Sonic Perspectives

“An underground player from the heyday of California thrash metal and crossover unleashes a mad, technical display of riff-happy brilliance that bridges the divide between classic Bay Area heaviness and modern, genre-bending mayhem.” – Sonic Perspectives