Mount Gomery

In Series

In Series

Mount Gomery

In Series

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Release Date: April 10, 2012
Catalog ID: NEF-04

01 Floods
02 Antlers on the Wall
03 Sandlots
04 Episode IV
05 Invest

All songs and lyrics written by Ryan Hare
Ryan Hare played guitar, piano, and sang on all tracks
Dan Romans played drums and aided in arranging Antlers on the Wall and Episode IV
Tim Byrnes played trumpet and french horn on Episode IV
Marie Kim played keys on Antlers on the Wall and cello on Episode IV
Michelle Silver sang harmonies on Floods
Zach Lipkins played percussion on Invest
Zach Lipkins produced, engineered, and mixed Floods, Invest, and Sandlots
Marie Kim produced, engineered, and mixed Antlers on the Wall and Episode IV (
Zach Lipkins mastered “In Series” (
Bob Eggers drew the cover illustration and words
Michelle Silver created the layout and design (

© 2012 Mount Gomery. ℗ 2012 Nefarious Industries.


“An ambitious, lyrically heavy piece of work, Mount Gomery are not a band to slip on in the background – the music is too layered for that and it will draw you in no matter what you are attempting to do whilst listening. Beautifully played, not a note is out of place and the songs are lengthy without overstaying their welcome, each one constructed down to the smallest detail so that each section, each note, offers maximum effect. Emotional, beautiful and occasionally overwhelmed with passion, the songs on In Series ebb and flow across the EP, gently rippling through the speakers one moment, building to a tortured climax the next; there is variety, power and precision here and it will offer much to those who wish to experience its charms.” – Sonic Abuse

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