Red Hearts in a Dead World

Red Hearts in a Dead World


Red Hearts in a Dead World

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Release Date: October 02, 2012
Catalog ID: NEF-05

01 Road Of Bones
02 What Is To Be Done?
03 Permanent Revolution
04 Five Year Plan
05 Laika
06 Now Hiring Cosmonauts
07 Weaponized Marburg
08 If There’s A Person, There’s A Problem
09 What We Want Is Hate

Vocals – Dimitri Myshkin
Drums and Keyboard – Aleksy Kyarrigovitch
Guitar and Noise – Ivan Reyskalnikov
Bass – Timur Revolutsia

All songs by Tovarish
Recorded and mixed by Ivan at Great Swamp
Mastered by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab
Exterior image by Josh Yelle
Interior image by Danistan
Disc image by Horst
Ideology by Trotsky

© 2012 Tovarish. ℗ 2012 Nefarious Industries.

Thanks to The People


“Huis-clos dont les parois se resserrent encore et encore, Red Hearts In A Dead World a tout du submersible en perdition, la claustrophobie à son paroxysme; et plutôt que de laisser transparaitre la moindre faiblesse, il a sa façon bien à lui, d’une austérité pour le moins terrifiante, d’accepter son funeste sort.” – Slow End

“Apocalyptic soundscapes that are at times just plain creepy as they are heavy. Tovarish does not create music for the masses.” – Winter Torment Zine

Tovarish‘ music is no fun whatsoever, this is the soundtrack of the apocalypse.” – Pest Webzine

Red Hearts In A Dead World is a sonically challenging morass that will neatly divide opinion between those who can’t even begin to fathom the purpose of such white-hot noise experimentation, and those who embrace the adventurous journey Tovarish have embarked upon – extreme music necessarily garnering extreme opinions.” – Sonic Abuse

“Hauntingly scary. It’s dark and deconstructed in such a way that no song feels formulaic but nothing seems totally improv.” – Dead Formats

“Prepare to be utterly frightened […] this album is going to send chills down spines everywhere.” – American Aftermath

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