A Fucking Elephant

Seven Inches

Seven Inches of A Fucking Elephant

A Fucking Elephant

Seven Inches

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Release Date: January 22, 2013
Catalog ID: NEF-09

A1 I’m Addicted to Drugs and Sex and I Want You to Choke Me
B1 A Bunch of Good Looking Roundeyes

A Fucking Elephant is Matt and Greg
Recorded, mixed and marstered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves, Woodhaven, NY / thethousandcaves.com
Design and layout by Eric Nyffeler / Doe Eyed / doe-eyed.com
Play this record at 45 rpm

© 2013 A Fucking Elephant. ℗ 2013 Nefarious Industries.


“…labyrinthine, colossally heavy instru-metal… a prime example of how a mere duo can make musical mathematics metallically menacing.” – Alternative Press

“This two-track seven-inch from New Jersey duo A Fucking Elephant packs a heck of a punch in all of its seven minutes (you may be sensing a theme here). […] It will be interesting to see what A Fucking Elephant will do the next time they give themselves a little more time and space (their previous release, a full-length, was still a split with cohorts El Drugstore) so that we can have a proper one night stand. Until then, the quick shag in a club bathroom that is Seven Inches will have to do.” – Exclaim! Magazine

“…notes falling over themselves like babies in a cement mixer… A Fucking Elephant are awesome. They are not interested in commercial interest, mass sales or glossy marketing. They play and record what they feel and then press it to nauseatingly yellow vinyl […]. They recall the heady days of early-90’s alternative before it turned introverted and buried itself in gloom and they resonate with the simple joy of making music because they can – no hype, no bullshit pressure and no unnatural digital gloss. This is rock music as it should be – raw, untamed and unrestrained and it quite simply is A Fucking Elephant.” – Sonic Abuse

“Chaotic and technical, listening to guitarist Matt Keys and drummer Greg Meisenberg symbiotic communication manifest itself in such dynamically charged music is jaw-dropping. Dissonant, spasmodic, unbalanced, lopsided, crooked, skewed, whatever; one thing is for sure: With only Seven Inches from A Fucking Elephant, two tracks are nowhere near enough. More please.” – The Midlands Rocks

“The erratic, jazz-syncopated and caustic shrapnel that’s lovingly carved into the grooves of Seven Inches, the new 2-song single from New Jersey’s A Fucking Elephant, is the type of scattered violence one hopes for when confronted with a song title like “I’m Addicted to Drugs & Sex and I Want You to Choke Me.”” – Stereo Killer

“These two, short pieces of music are complex, playful, noisy, psychoactive and will keep you tripping for days.” – American Aftermath

“…a drug-induced heavy metal journey…” – The Aquarian

“Extreme progressive metal. Everything is perfected. This isn’t jam out get-wasted music, but focused the way a classical piece is constructed and performed.” – Sludgelord

“Where many bands are ushering in tones of the future, A Fucking Elephant stays with a primal and more primitive energy state, lashing out a megaton blast of weight with their complex melodic and rhythm sequences. […] It feels incredible to get lost in the sonic mazes that they call their music. […] A Fucking Elephant is definitely a band to check out if you love the modern extensions of progressive rock music with that eternal fire in the heart of it all that separates the more calm, subdued song writers from those walking on the edge.” – Sound Colour Vibration

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