Eastern Anchors, Zero For Conduct

Eastern Anchors // Zero For Conduct split 7″

Eastern Anchors // Zero For Conduct

Eastern Anchors, Zero For Conduct

Eastern Anchors // Zero For Conduct split 7″

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Release Date: August 12, 2014
Catalog ID: NEF-16
Label: Viva! La Hara (VLH002) / Nefarious Industries (NEF-16)

A1 Eastern Anchors – “Above Your Station”
B1 Zero For Conduct – “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks”

“Above Your Station”
Recorded & mixed by Tom Beaujour at NutHouse Recording, Hoboken, NJ

“Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks”
Recorded & mixed by Chris Pierce at Volume IV, New Brunswick, NJ

Thanks to Kim at Knack Mastering
Design by Mike Hilton


“The onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.” – Review Stalker

“Clocking in at under seven minutes, the split is a mix of frenetic pop-punk courtesy of Eastern Anchors’ “Above Your Station” and melodic thunder on Zero for Conduct’s “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks.”” – Bucket Full Of Nails

“The Anchors‘ track, “Above Your Station,” rides a big, Bob Mouldian guitar riff and opens with the line, “Can’t catch a break to save your soul. Raise up your kids on rock ‘n roll.”; and the song does a good job of carrying the late 80s / early 90s indie rock torch ignited by the band’s previous LP. […] Zero For Conduct‘s “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” bounces on top of the bassline provided by newest member J. Pat Holden (who joins drummer Joe Dingerdissen and guitarist Morgan Chen) and will be the New Brunswick band’s vinyl debut.” – CoolDad Music

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