Maid Myriad

With Haste On Its Breath

WIth Haste On Its Breath

Maid Myriad

With Haste On Its Breath

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Release Date: October 07, 2014
Catalog ID: NEF-17

01 Encircled
02 Azure Planes
03 Be Careful What You Wish For
04 Dance By The Moonlight
05 Waiting For December
06 Skye’s Eye View
07 Camera Eye
08 Chardonnay
09 Forget You (And I Will)
10 Hey There Kid
11 For The Loss
12 Shake Them Off

Maid Myriad is Jeff Klemm and Greg Meisenberg.

Produced and engineered by Jeff Klemm at Free Truman Productions.
Recorded in Akron, OH, and Keyport, NJ. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios.
Drums on “Skye’s Eye View” and “Forget You (And I Will)” performed by Kevin Klemm.
Artwork and layout by Eric Nyffeler / Doe Eyed.

All music by Maid Myriad. All songs and lyrics by Jeffrey Christopher Klemm (ASCAP). © 2014 Finding Casimir Music. ℗ 2014 Nefarious Industries.

Special thanks to Mario Tonathy, Kevin Klemm, Zach Nagi-Schehl, Gavin Cushman, Jake Porter, and Alex Popovici for their creative contributions.

Maid Myriad would also like to thank anyone who let us crash on their floor, booked us, fed us, bought merch, believed in us, and supported us in any way throughout the years. Thanks to all of the bands we’ve ever played with. Thanks to our families, Roman Meisenberg, Doug Gallo, Eric Hartzell, Strawberry Fields, Ol’ Blue (RIP), Erin Kirven, Kevin Conway, David Tonathy, Stephen Cushman.


With Haste On Its Breath twirls through progressive rock and post-hardcore with a refreshing sense of otherness. There are obvious influences at play – the darker, quieter corners of Deftones’ work, Cave In’s later, more melodic days, a smattering of Tool’s art-metal rhythms, a touch of Mars Volta when frontman Jeff Klemm lets rip with the falsetto, and the grit and raw emotion of mid-90s post-hardcore personified by the likes of Jawbox and Sunny Day Real Estate. But in pooling all of these influences together, [MAID MYRIAD] created an album that exists purely in its own little world, and quite lovely it is, too.” – Team Rock

With Haste on its Breath is a wondrous collection of songs [that] are beautiful, yet sorrowful; tinged with a harder edge, but very delicate and harmonious.” – Prog Archives

“The songs stay true to ‘kaleidoscope rock,’ the term the band has used to describe its neo-progressive rock. Heavily textured songs such as “Camera Eye” and “Dance by the Moonlight” have elements of Mars Volta. But the group slows things down for the simmering “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “Waiting for December”, showing it can capably change gears.” – Cleveland Scene

“Slowly uncoiling, building from a gentle, theatrical intro into an explosive modern rock masterpiece by the end, “Be Careful What You Wish For” is just an example of MAID MYRIAD’s awesome dexterity displayed on the moving twelve-song With Haste On Its Breath. The trio fuses an endless array of genres into a unique, hook-strewn rock amalgam of their own, and on the album, creates an hour-long opus that is as beautiful as it is contagious.” – Earsplit Compound

“Massive, melodic, introspective, and tortured, like a wonderful dream that quickly metamorphasizes into the kind of nightmare that continues to rattle and haunt you even after you awaken, stuck to your psyche like gum to the bottom of a shoe.” – MetalSucks

MAID MYRIAD […] digs deeper and further back into the ’90s recalling the intricate, herky-jerky dynamics and start-stop riffs of bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and At the Drive-In and heavier contemporary proggy bands such as Tool and the Mars Volta, minus the 10-minute songs.” – Akron Beacon Journal

“The band combines an array of influences, including progressive rock and 90’s post-hardcore/emo, into a dynamic and emotional display of alternative rock mastery. […] Jeff Klemm’s near angelic vocals are sure to be stuck in your head all day. In fact, we guarantee that.” – American Aftermath

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