Laces Out

Laces Out

Laces Out

Laces Out

EP + MP3 Download

Special edition 7" square lathe cut record, clear, mono, made from 1/16" thick polycarbonate. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies.

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Release Date: July 28, 2017
Catalog ID: NEF-28

7″ Tracklist

A Will To Become
B Under The Cover

Digital Tracklist

01 Will To Become
02 Bugs
03 Fortunes
04 Kritzinger’s Warning
05 Under The Cover

Laces Out is:
Steve DeLucia – Drums
Ray Wasnieski – Bass
Ed Ciarfella – Guitar/Vox

Recorded live at Boom Stick Recording in Monroe NY
Engineered by Jeff Rendano
Produced by Laces Out and Jeff Rendano
Mastered at Nada Studios by Eric Costello
Artwork by Joey Hallmark. Photo by Steve Vega.
Design and layout by Roman Meisenberg /

© 2017 Laces Out. ℗ 2017 Nefarious Industries.


“There was a time where if you read zines like HeartattaCk, Double Decker, and Nothing Left, you couldn’t seem to go three reviews without a record being compared to Fugazi or Hoover. For LACES OUT, either the past 20 years just haven’t happened or they’re on the bleeding edge of a new new wave of angular post-hardcore. Basslines groove and rumble; guitar lines snake off on wild tangents and vocals veer between howled and sung. It’s enjoyable rather than incendiary, but for those of you out there mourning the likes of Shotmaker, Unwound, and Bailer you could certainly do worse than giving these five tracks a go.” – Collective Zine

LACES OUT oozes aesthetic of the days when alternative radio reigned supreme and MTV actually played edgy music videos instead of reality garbage. As the droning, infectious bass groove of ‘Will To Become’ kicks off, I am immediately thinking of Fugazi. The music is similar in both tone and mood. […] Much of the album is driven by the aforementioned basslines as well as purposefully simplistic guitar hooks and catchy lyrics. It comes together nicely, and the glue is Ed Ciarfella’s extremely passionate and genuine vocal delivery. […] A solid debut and one of the few post-hardcore releases of late that really caught my attention.” – Metal Trenches

“The members of LACES OUT have been playing music together for more than a decade, so they presented themselves a unique challenge: write a whole EP, in order, without trashing any songs. The end result is a cohesive and fluid EP that takes influence from a host of bands like Nirvana, Fugazi, At The Drive In, and Jesus Lizard but has its own sound still.” – Decibel Magazine

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