Wolves At The Door

NEQUIENT - Wolves At The Door (CD)


Wolves At The Door

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Release Date: May 18, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-32
Label: Nefarious Industries (CD), Sassbologna Records (SASS-059, Cassette)

01 Scorcher
02 ROI
03 Cult of Ignorance
04 Screaming Across the Sky
05 Mammon and Moloch
06 Cat’s Cradle
07 On the Day of Execution
08 Kakistocracy
09 Blast Beats and Cocaine
10 Coins for the Ferryman
11 The Devil’s Party

Nequient is:
Chris Avgerin – Drums
Keenan Clifford – Bass
Patrick Conahan – Guitar
Jason Kolkey – Vocals

Produced and mixed by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Artwork by M.G. Miller.
All songs © 2018 Nequient.


NEQUIENT is inspired by the chaotic sonic world of crust punk, chaoscore and other heavy subgenre with its insane tempos, disorienting start-stop riffs and exhausting D-beat filled drums. To the uninitiated, or simply unappreciative, this style of music often sounds like a circular saw engaging in an angry threesome with a chainsaw and an MRI machine while some dude nearby repeatedly gets kicked in the nethers. I dig some of it and the NEQUIENT guys, promoting their debut album Wolves at the Door, are tight and musical enough to get some good, if insane, grooves going.” – Akron Beacon Journal

“a major D-beat shit storm! Knuckleheads fond of getting rowdy to Converge and Disfear will find plenty of grist for the mill on the walloping tracks “Blast Beats and Cocaine” and “Cat’s Cradle,” where Patrick Conahan’s headlong guitar and Jason Kolkey’s tortured vocals race around each other.” – Chicago Reader

“If NEQUIENT had stuck to the three-minute-an-less formula when composing this album, it would have been a solid grind effort characterised by its ferocity and intense musicianship. What raises it to the ranks of the exceptional, however, is when the band break cover to deliver something that, whilst equally intense, traverses different sonic territory. The seven-minute ‘on the day of execution’ is the stand-out track, lurking at the heart of the album, ready to tackle the unwary with a demonic glimmer in its eye, but equally impressive are ‘coins for the ferryman’ and ‘screaming across the sky’, both of which make good use of their expanded run time to explore hitherto unexpected territory. The sense of dynamic works well as the listener is never allowed to become numb to the overwhelming speed of delivery and, overall, Wolves At The Door stands out as an intelligent, cranium-melting work of deviant art. 9″ – SonicAbuse

“Chicago’s NEQUIENT unleash over 40 minutes of atypical hardcore mayhem on their full-length debut, Wolves at the Door. […] They rip and roar through various extreme metal subgenres, melding them almost perfectly, to arrive at their ultimate goal at ripping listeners to shreds. For Fans Of: Graf Orlock, The Taste of Blood, Apiary, Converge, and Coalesce.” – Svbterranean

NEQUIENT’s Wolves At The Door is a by-the-throat album with intense views on societal and political aspects of the modern world which fans of Converge, Baptists, Cursed, Early Graves, and early Mastodon should no doubt consume.” – New Noise Magazine

“A sea change seems to be afoot in the heavy music game. Young bands like Code Orange, Knocked Loose and now NEQUIENT’s approach to the genre is to craft albums that pull from as wide a net of influences as possible and spinning that yarn into functional songs. On Wolves at the Door (Nefarious Industries) NEQUIENT uses d-beat-laden Crust Punk as a framework, and stacks on Thrash, Grindcore, Hardcore, Sludge and Black Metal to create a collage of brutality.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“There are many things in life that will instantly put a stupid smile on my stupider face. The list includes, but is not limited to, D-beat madness, late ’90s/’00s chaoscore, and the collapse of mankind transposed into sound. Wolves at the Door, the debut album by Chicago’s NEQUIENT, comes blazing in on a misanthropy-fueled ICBM missile sporting all of the above and, therefore, our enthusiastic stamp of approval.” – Decibel Magazine

“The composition is barreling and misanthropic, like many a good Vonnegut tale; and is certainly a worthy take at honoring one hell-of-a-good writer who always seemed right on the edge of fantasy and reality. NEQUIENT is aware of this precarious line, and “Cat’s Cradle” — a new single from their upcoming full-length Wolves at the Door — rips hard in its apocalyptic hue.” – Invisible Oranges

“Your first taste of Wolves at the Door is “Scorcher”, the opening track and a fitting introduction to an album that’s gonna punch through your door like the Kool-Aid Man, drink all your beers, and make you tearfully apologize to your dad for clearing out his booze stash. “Scorcher” bursts to life with a godawful clatter and slams it into high gear with d-beat madness. Fans of Early Graves will welcome this track with open arms.” – Toilet ov Hell

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