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Release Date: March 23, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-33

01 Bouncy Castle
02 Stache
03 Like Bill Hader
04 If We Were Emo, You’d Be Home By Now
05 Oh Nancy! Only British People Can Fly
06 Surprise Attack
07 Rollin’
08 Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks

Zero For Conduct:
J. Pat Holden: bass guitar, backup vocals
Joe Dingerdissen: drums
Morgan Chen: vocals, guitar, some bass

Thanks to our families. Special thanks to Beth for letting us practice in the basement and to Kate… for putting up with Morgan.

Thanks to all our fans and supporters: you are why we do this!

Cover painting by Keith Crowley.
Recorded and mixed by Joe Dell’Aquila at Exeter Recordings.
Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering.

Thanks to Greg at Nefarious Industries. Thanks to David Brenner at Earsplit Compound. Thanks to Gus Menezes at Gusphoto.

© 2018 Zero For Conduct
℗ 2018 Nefarious Industries


ZERO FOR CONDUCT “has a heavy, melodic sound that recalls vintage Fugazi and The Minutemen, with strong melodies, big hooks and lots of excellent vocal harmonies. It rocks hard without ever losing that sense of groove, which makes their take on punk and post-hardcore particularly fun. Fans of the combined catalogs of SST and Dischord will find a lot to dive into here (as well as some sly r”ferences to classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin).” – Treble

“…a pop-fueled rock record full of deceptive complexity, indie rock quirkiness, earworm hooks, and a bit of Touch and Go angularity. Fans of Dinosaur Jr., fIREHOSE, Hüsker Dü, and the like, will want to keep an eye out for it.” – Svbterranean

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