Ricarda Cometa

Ricarda Cometa 2

Ricarda Cometa 2

Ricarda Cometa

Ricarda Cometa 2

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6-panel Digipak featuring artwork by Hideyuki Katsumata. Limited to 100 copies. Includes 11x17 poster of original hand drawn art, while supplies last.

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Limited cassette release on Red/Blue glitter tape courtesy of Vestibular Records, featuring artwork by Hideyuki Katsumata. Limited to 100 copies.

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Release Date: June 01, 2018
Catalog ID: NEF-35
Label: Nefarious Industries (CD), Vestibular Records (VR-011, Cassette)

01 Alambres
02 Galgo Tuerto
03 Soltá el Bambú
04 Panca y Piquín
05 Bancá, Tu Tranquilo
06 Estoy Afuera
07 Echando Unos Taquitos
08 Chapulines
09 Dale Mecha
10 Anti Gas
11 Cerrajero Sin Talento

Jorge Espinal – guitar
Tatiana Heuman – drums

all music is improvised

Recorded by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 2017
Mixed and Mastered by Jorge Espinal

Cover Art: Hideyuki Katsumata

© ℗ 2018 Nefarious Industries.


“Take a deep breath and prepare your mind for the unsettling reality of improvised South American noise rock fueled uh, improvisation. The second record from improvisational Argentina/Peru based instrumentalists RICARDA COMETA appears as an anxious and chiming shake of Latin rhythms and clangorous guitar snaking runs that only occasionally burden themselves with reason and relationship. What initially feels like two musicians inhabiting entirely different worlds at the same speed eventually warms into a handful of clever points of interest.” – Grizzly Butts

“For those who go dizzy over Sonic Youth’s many side projects, or the recent art-rock sound-clash of Martin Bisi’s BC35, Ricarda Cometa 2 is an improvisational work well worth exploring. Recorded by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres in Buona Aires and mixed/mastered by Jorge Espinal, Ricarda Cometa 2 recalls the sonic ecstasy of the no-wave movement and taps into that same rich vein of de-constructivism that saw artists such as Glenn Branca experiment with form and tuning in ways so far ahead of their time, their work is still being analysed and explored some thirty years later.” – SonicAbuse

“An unhinged feral presence makes itself felt throughout RICARDA COMETA’s Ricarda Cometa 2. Defying easy categorization, the album has a distinctly late 70s discordant flavor about it. Elements of This Heat, Pere Ubu, DNA, and more filter their way into a uniquely tortured skronk. Percussion blasts forward with a clear-eyed intensity ready to grab the listener by the throat. Melody, rhythm, these are twisted into unholy sorts of shapes. Grooves have an elastic quality to them for RICARDA COMETA pushes them to the breaking point only for them to snap back into place. […] RICARDA COMETA finds the beauty in the ugly with the absolutely life affirming spirit of Ricarda Cometa 2.” – Beach Sloth

“A revelation outta thin air, courtesy of this dazzlingly trigonometrical spritz of minimal rock clang from Buenos Aires. […] Ricarda Cometa 2 is wholly instrumental, but its arrangements are lyrical and florid. Heuman can play like a proto-free jazzer or Valerie Scroggins from ESG, frequently in the same movement; Espinal shreds the demarcation between rhythm and melody with a playing style that compares to Captain Beefheart, Bill Orcutt, Arto Lindsay and, especially, US Maple’s Mark Shippy.” – The Quietus

“…eminently corporeal, powered by the clean spurts of Espinal’s guitar and amplified by Heuman’s restrained-yet-punchy drumming. […] RICARDA COMETA’s music demands to be clearly followed, every crease and fold in the new flesh a motive of aesthetic attention. Your body should dance in ways it never has, each new position a new limb with which to appreciate the guitar’s intricate noodling and the drums’ marking of unconventional pulses, a music meant not for your mind to get lost in but for your body to be sharpened by. […] At almost 24 minutes, Ricarda Cometa 2 is even shorter than its predecessor, but it is […] more intricate, more intense, more punishing and powerful…” – A Closer Listen

“The 11-song collection takes listeners on a wild, noisy ride that never loses its focus on Latin-inspired rhythms but which ultimately sends them through the musical grinder a few dozen times along the way. If listeners found the herky-jerky twists and turns of math rock or Mr. Bungle challenging, RICARDA COMETA take these musical complexities to new heights here. […] The most remarkable feat is how often we’re taken to the logical extremes of noise and rhythm, then brought back to the center, all while ingesting therapeutic doses of no-wave, African, Latin, and Asian ritual music in these grooves.” – PopMatters

“Minimal but intense, showcasing a woozy instrumental style that showcases a heavy no wave influence as well as a more powerful indie sound that recalls the likes of Battles and Gnarwhal. The duo pulls and twists melody into odd shapes and urgent rhythms. It’s tense, strange, mangled and wiry music that hits hard but challenges conceptions of what rock music should be. If this is even rock music.” – Treble

“The Peruvian-Argentine duo’s new track is built on a stark contrast between noise rock, improvisation, and pure rhythm. [..] an entirely original blend of dissonance, improvisation, muscle, brains, and above all, rhythm—that phenomenal cadence that generic noise rock generally lacks and which goes much further than mere repetition of beats and noise patterns. RICARDA COMETA has it, and it’s damn good.” – Noisey

“[Galgo Tuerto] is short, sweet, and full of the unique improvised math vibe dissonance that the group is known for. Guitar licks are woven in between discordant chords and a quick paced rhythm structure.” – New Noise Magazine