Titan to Tachyons



Bone White and Gold with Aqua Blue splatter. Full color insert. Hand-numbered. Edition of 300.

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Release Date: August 14, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-61

A1 Morphing Machineminds
A2 The Starthinker is Obsolete
A3 Tycho Magnetic
B1 Earth, and Squidless
B2 Everybody’s Dead, Dave

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Colin Marston during the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven, NY.

Sally Gates – Guitar
Matt Hollenberg – Bass VI
Kenny Grohowski – Drums

Trevor Dunn – Bass on “Everybody’s Dead, Dave”

Artwork, Layout, Logo – Sally Gates
Photos – Karen Jerzyk

© 2020 Titan to Tachyons.
℗ 2020 Nefarious Industries.


Cactides is five tracks of dense, precision oriented jazz metal fusion. Whether or not all, or just some, of this forty one minute opus was improvised (notable album closer “Everybody’s Dead, Dave” is the only track specified as improvisational), the result is absolutely beyond a doubt impressive, genius even if you’re one for superlatives. […] To successfully carry this off, to recreate a detailed dystopian, futuristic world through music alone is an amazing achievement…” – The Sleeping Shaman

Cactides is very much built to form another life entirely in a live setting, with plenty of space being made available to explore and improvise. […] The listener can also pick apart a plethora of influences (if you must), whether that is a particular band, or holistic genre traits. The transitions between the parts of the tracks are seamless, and we recall King Crimson’s Lark’s Tongues for reference there. The thundering guitar riff that opens and closes Tycho Magnetic (with its Earth levelling bass) could fit nicely between Asteroid and Supa Scooper on Sky Valley (Kyuss), yet it wouldn’t sound out of place between Outshined and Slaves (Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger). There is a definite funky Primus slap angle to some parts, while there is a warm relationship between the bass and guitar that does not sound a million miles from Flea and Navarro’s chemistry on One Hot Minute. If you listen carefully there is a gentle harmonic used on Starthinker that recalls the post rock band Slint, while after that first riff in Tycho, there is a thoughtful Nothing Else Matters type section. On the very same track a Giant Squid esqe lick transforms the track. All this is wrapped in unmistakeable groove, with energy, a shell of psychedelia, and a lazy NY Jazz swagger.” – Ten Glorious Killers

“Inspired by surrealistic sci-fi, the collective use their full power on ‘Earth, And Squidless,’ walking the fine line between avant-garde and full-on metallic. If 2020 is a new golden age for experimental (and experiential) metal, TITAN TO TACHYONS stand at the forefront of this new era. Heavy, forward-thinking, and unapologetic, this is a new reality.” – PopMatters

‪“With their excellent full-length debut Cactides, we can now add TITAN TO TACHYONS to the list of modern purveyors of this stylistic niche, such as Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, and Ground Patrol. […] And while it’s definitely cliché to compare a “weird” rock band to Primus at this point, the instrumentation on Cactidesis frequently reminiscent of albums like Antipop. […] But TITAN TO TACHYONS balance their dazzling musical abilities with equally impressive songwriting, which combine to produce an album that you can’t help but surrender your psyche to until the final note rings out.”‬ – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Cactides consists of five medium-length instrumental tracks that are influenced by 50 years of metal and progressive rock, rearranged and mutilated for 2020. But Gates and company go beyond the tropes of these genres, incorporating heavy riffing, speed picking, feedback, and arpeggiated chords into unconventional structures and throwing in a dash of open improvisation here and there. […] For anyone who is disappointed by how slowly the heavy metal genre evolves and progresses, look no further than Cactides as a counterexample to that trend. Gates is a major voice, and Cactides could be her breakout appearance. Well done, indeed.” – Avant Music News

“A band featuring current and former members of Orbweaver, Gigan, Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Cleric, and John Zorn promises to be weird and TITAN TO TACHYONS does not disappoint. Led by guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Orbweaver, ex-Gigan), the trio blast through six minutes of off-kilter heaviness that is equal parts melodic and dissonant. Take opening track “Morphing Machineminds” as an example—the track is all over the place with its ideas and tempo, but TITAN TO TACHYONS never go off the rails.” – Decibel Magazine

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