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The Code

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Release Date: June 19, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-65

UNDERER is the solo project of avant-garde multi-instrumentalist and recording artist Nick Shellenberger (Cleric, Shardik), and was conceived in 2016 as an escape from the mentality of writing and performing in a collaborative setting. While the music of UNDERER explores a markedly minimal sound palette and writing style, Shellenberger’s compositions are meticulously crafted with the rhythmical chaos, creepy electronics, and volatile dynamics he has refined throughout his experimental career. 

UNDERER’s debut LP, The Code, brings together the precision of programmed drums with the experimentation of free and improvised composition, telling a harrowing tale over the course of seven acutely distressing tracks. Capturing a slice of time during a period of a few months in the summer of 2017, The Code was initially programmed in Shellenberger’s home studio and then finished with Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves. Available June 2020 via Nefarious Industries.

01 1:19
02 Lady
03 Steven
04 Friendly Son
05 Marlin
06 The Nothing
07 Miniature Jimmon

All music and lyrics written and “performed” by Nick Shellenberger
Cymbals on “Marlin” by Colin Marston
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth the Thousand Caves

℗ & © 2020 Nefarious Industries.


“This album is chaotic, cathartic, and complex. It truly is exactly what you think you should get from avant-metal with some interesting industrial aspects as well. And it’s a super enjoyable and crazy-ass listen!” – Album of the Year

“…like rushing right on up to the edge of a cliff, falling over — and then getting right back up to the top to fall over again. It’s controlled chaos of a powerful variety.” – Captured Howls

“From the opening china splashes of ‘01:19’, The Code sets out its stall as a tumultuous descent into cabin fever and paranoia, like watching English actor, Stephen Graham, at his most unhinged. […] Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan’s seminal 2007 album, Ire Works, will recognise a kinship on ‘Lady’, and Mr Bungle afficionados have plenty of reasons to be excited by ‘Steven’. […] Simply press play and prepare for a bludgeoning.” – Scream Blast Repeat

UNDERER‘s debut album, The Code, is a gloriously chaotic and experimental take on heavy music, informed by the likes of Genghis Tron, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Swarm Of The Lotus. […] The programmed drums add a robotic precision to the shrieked vocals and other instrumentation, which ranges from minimalist ambient to weirdo grind and bizarre doom.” – Decibel Magazine

“With the most unceremonious title of any track released in 2020, Heavy Blog presents “Steven”, one of the most bizarre and satisfying tracks to come from UNDERER‘s debut LP The Code. UNDERER – the brainchild of one Nick Shellenberger (Cleric, Shardik) – belongs in a grey area between any genre tag currently trending on Bandcamp. Dissonant, distressing, and damned enjoyable […] “Steven” is a little dangerous, but a lot desirable, especially for anyone patiently waiting for that Genghis Tron update.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Everything is structured supremely tightly, whether it be sub one-minute grind blasts like opener “1:19” or more progressive explorations in to avant garde noise manipulation such as my fave track on the record “Steven”. […] It’s unhinged, for sure, yet at the heart of the madness Shellenberger’s compositional smarts hold everything together to create something strangely pleasing to the ear.” – Sentinel Daily

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