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Release Date: February 25, 2014
Catalog ID: NEF-c015
Label: Coraille (c015 - Germany) / Friend of Mine (FOMR-0032 - Japan) / Nefarious Industries (NEF-c015 - US)

01 Poitou
02 Leiden, NL
03 Singh
04 Max Karl

dedicated to Nino Kühnis

Freddy Knop: bass, vocals
Felix Zimmermann: guitar
Conrad Rodenberg: drums, vocals

recorded & mixed by Felix-Florian Tödtloff (
mastered by Listeners (Freddy Knop /
photo and layout by Felix Zimmermann


Components, the band’s fourth EP, sees mOck exploring gently unhinged art rock, shoegaze and jazz with unerring intensity and makes you wonder what lysergic delights are in the water in Berlin that encourage such meandering and yet brilliant compositions. […] Like Sonic Youth playing Miles Davis covers, this is unusual, arty, underground music, and the result is fascinating, unique and enthralling.” – Sonic Abuse

“Fronted by vocalist/bassist Freddy Knop, the Tortoise and Karate-influenced trio operates in a free structure alternating between minimalist restraint and bursts of complexity.” –

mOck has given us a concise EP rife with patience, precision and delicate organization, sewing a rich musical fabric that showcases interweaving yet unified instrumentation and exemplary songwriting. […] mOck achieves the trying task of sounding familiar without sounding trite, as Components is much more than a recitation of what has come before.” – The Math Rock Blog

“The music on Components is subdued, soft, delicate, and full of complexity at the same time. The songs burst with bright melodies that are conjured through riffing that cycles and changes without hesitation. The songs, especially evident in the opening track “Poitou”, constantly shift rhythm and shape throughout. It’s usually unlikely that you will hear the same section more than twice. Components often toys with jazz-like formulas and adds a healthy dose of math rock to the mix, as the track “Singh” showcases. The EP is brimming with quiet complexity.” – American Aftermath