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A.V. Club reviews “I”

“…successfully fuses the well-deep riffing of doom metal with the head-banging aggression of thrash and hardcore punk, a blend it manages successfully across the record’s 11 tracks.” – The Onion’s A.V. Club


2012: Looks like we’re all still here… some words from Kevin Conway

2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Nefarious Industries. Two and a half years into this moronic experiment, we’re getting the opportunity to work with a wide array of artists that are all creating incredible and diverse…

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The New Noise reviews ‘I’

Those of you not fluent in Italian can refer to the mediocre translations of this awesome review provided by Bing and Google. “Divagazioni a base di sludge/doom impregnato di groove e di furia hardcore, contaminato da prog, noise e dissonanze…

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MetalSucks reviews ‘I’

“A band with a black metal-y name that sounds like early Refused with a shot of sludge — That describes this Chicago trio on their debut LP.” – MetalSucks

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Mxdwn reviews “I”

“Tremolo guitars grapple with hard-hit drums as the battle rages on between the classes. Each song sets a scene so effectively you’d think the concept album was meant for a film.” – Mxdwn


Sludgelord reviews ‘I’

“Arbogast have released a stunning and outstanding album that should hopefully propel them amongst the elite of Sludge Metal as they have some major fucking talent that deserves to be heard on a bigger stage as possible.” – Sludgelord


DOA reviews ‘I’

“The crafting of arbogast’s songs is brilliant, continuously and repeatedly slamming their audience in the face with hard-hitting rhythms and driving guitar riffs.” – DOA


arbogast’s Full Length Debut ‘I’ Out Today

I, the new full-length from arbogast, is now available on CD and immediate high quality digital download. “I presents a melting pot full of different influences, from the sludgy, doom-paced segments that the band tends to go into, to the…


The Midlands Rocks reviews ‘I’

“The wall of angry guitars, hammered drums, and shouted vocals that explode before us makes this band increasingly hard to categorize. Good. Bands that make music by the numbers are nothing less than boring. arbogast are all versatile musicians and…


Interview with arbogast: Political Punk/Metal Trio Releases Its Debut LP – ChicagoMusic.org

Jamie Ludwig of ChicagoMusic.org discusses jazz, politics, and employment in the financial sector with arbogast‘s Aaron Roemig: It’s not everyday a small music publication uncovers information of great national significance through interviews with local musicians (although we will continue to…