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GRIDFAILURE: Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II reviewed – Heavy Music Headquarters

“It’s very eclectic and diverse, defying genre descriptions with the use of traditional instruments along with more unusual ones such as accordion, theremin and didgeridoo in addition to field recordings. Ambient soundscapes are sometimes peaceful, other times filled with tension…

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GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE: Tasukete Album Review – Heavy Music Headquarters

“…this time around it’s more urgent and mechanical. Heavily effected vocals, industrial elements, ambiance, feedback and noise swirl amidst seemingly random song structures, with tracks ranging from two to nearly nine minutes. While mostly dissonant and avant-garde, there are semi-traditional…

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Review: BLIGHT HOUSE “Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is the sophomore album from the Rhode Island gore/death duo BLIGHT HOUSE. The title is reminiscent of a low-budget, cheesy horror movie, and the numerous samples they include throughout the album reinforce the vibe. The music…

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