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EL DRUGSTORE: “Moral Curve” Sees Premiere At Mathcore Index; The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas Album By New Jersey Technical/Instrumental Trio Nears Release Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

[photo by Alex Jackson] New Jersey instrumental/technical metal technicians EL DRUGSTORE, with current and former members of East Of The Wall and more in their ranks, have issued the first single from their impending album, The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas. With…

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Exclusive Premiere: EL DRUGSTORE “Moral Curve” – Mathcore Index

“EL DRUGSTORE “will immediately ensnare you with its jagged, yet groove-laden riffs, and dissonant, Gorgutsian lurches. […] The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas sees the band honing in on the heavier, more head-spinning aspects of their sound, and increasing them tenfold.…

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