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"In my humble opinion these new songs distill Bangladeafy's music into it's purest form yet. We have two musicians who work seamlessly together to weave highly intricate blasts of technical excellence." - The Ripple Effect

"I tend to be cynical of a lot of math-rock/prog things for doing these things, but where Bangladeafy do it well it’s because it’s fundamentally closer to fusion jazz without all the floppy dogshit that comes with fusion." - Freq

" an acid nightmare amalgamation of a-ha’s famous “Take On Me” video, Tron, a toy commercial, and that messed-up shit they show Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange to make him stop being evil. And we’re not even sure that description does it justice." - MetalSucks

"We are here, desperately tapping the big HELP button on our Life Alert pendant because the latest release from NYC's Bangladeafy has left us bowled over on the floor. Narcopaloma, the band's newest EP, is an unrelenting chaos machine, delivering proggy riffage at its absolute best--there's not a single passage on here that feels either half baked or overworked. The duo of Jon Ehlers and Atif Haq also drop such technically intense licks that any four-piece band would be left eating their dust. Make no mistake, Narcopaloma is a mammoth work (well deserving of multiple listens), but it manages to feel consistently innovative rather than overly indulgent." - The Deli Magazine

"Bangladeafy is a two-man band consisting of bassist Jon Ehlers and drummer Atif Haq, and their combined skill is impressive even before you learn that Jon has been nearly entirely deaf since birth. Then, the mind boggles." - Gear Gods

"Narcopaloma is the work of a band that seemingly revels in the excesses of progressive virtuosity while applying the “econo” philosophy of the Minutemen to their overall presentation. Though short, Narcopaloma sounds complete, every track transitioning perfectly into the next, bridged by synthesized tones and playful, electronic instrumental oddities." - No Ripcord

"I think what has made me come back to Bangladeafy time and time again over the years is the band's ability to consistently surprise with their music. You'd think that their brand of monochromatic and arrhythmic instrumental madness would get dull after a while, but instead you find yourself coming back time and time again to more fully understand what the album is truly about. They can be rock gods of the sort not seen since Emerson, Lake and Palmer. […] You don't want to spend too much time at once with Narcopaloma because it very well may destroy your brain. There is so much to understand here that to try and explain it with mere words seems like an insult to the music. There are hooks, slams and everything in between. If you can wrap your head around the madness of this band then you are a better man than I, because here I am, five or six listens in and I'm still only just barely starting to scratch the surface of what may very well be the most important prog record of 2016." - Metal Injection

"The vast array of musical perversion being plundered here by Long Islanders, Bangladeafy, is an exhibition of tremendous proportion. […] Exceeding the expectations of every musical chieftain in our attendance today, this album carries you through a listening experience that would leave you rutting about the rest of your life trying to unwind the massive mind-fuck you were just subjected to." - That Metal Station

"Musically, Bangladeafy is an odd proposition. The NYC duo’s ultra-complex blurts of drum and bass insanity pebble-dash the inside of your skull like Satan’s own toilet bowel, and Narcopaloma, their new EP, comes off like Lightning Bolt and the Melvins eating big, greedy spoonfuls of each other’s candy-colored vomit." - Noisey

"...flurries of angular grooves and dissonant, off-kilter attacks that sound like a kooky blend between Primus, The Dillinger Escape Plan and any one of Mike Patton‘s musical endeavors. […] Bangladeafy possess a unique and wonderfully weird style that is still fresh and exciting" - SVBTERRANEAN

"Raw, fervent, and ferocious […] Spawned on the crowded streets of NYC, the two instrumentalists of Bangladeafy have returned from a three year absence with their second recording of perplexing, progressive instrumetal, Narcopaloma (Nefarious Industries); and much like early Animals As Leaders, Bangladeafy's music is more than enough to make the mind spin and senses tingle with its psychedelic and chaotic intensity." - Teach's Criterion of Metal

"The mostly instrumental drum and bass duo sound like the bastard child of Primus, Rush and Animals As Leaders. […] Ehlers' spastic and busy bass work is matched in intensity by Haq's drums. The swirling fusion-like rhythms and subtle keyboard swells are the audio equivalent of an amusement park ride that leaves you breathless when it’s over and makes you immediately get in line to ride it again." - Metal Insider

"The skill with which these two dudes create spazzy mathcore ensures that they’re more than just a band with a great gimmick. It’s been three years since the release of the band’s last EP, The Briefcase, but “Termites” demonstrates that they haven’t lost their mojo: it’s a noodly maze that defies easy categorization and demands repeat listens. Not everyone will “get it,” but those who do are gonna fall in love with it — hard."- MetalSucks

"The first advance track, “Termites”, is an amazing song — brain-twisting but melodic, instrumentally jaw-dropping but spell-binding. Riding the compelling drum and bass rhythms is like flying through a roller-coaster ride with your arms in the air, and the words that come to mind in listening to the arpeggios (I’m not always sure what instruments I’m hearing) are “intricate”, “bright”, “sparkling”, and “scintillating”." - No Clean Singing

"'Termites' bends and twists endlessly though cluttered hallways of riffs and insane passages that just might make you pause the track to get off your ass and practice. Seriously, this sounds like four dudes trying to keep up with one another… not two dudes crushing it. Observe!" - Metal Injection