About Nefarious Industries

Nefarious Industries is the brain child of A Fucking Elephant and El Drugstore, two of the most obnoxious bands to come out of the great state of New Jersey in recent memory. Originally founded as an outlet to release their 2011 split EP Dope Soaked and Wow // Silver Medals for Everyone, Nefarious Industries has grown into a label that showcases the most adventurous and least commercially viable artists that it can manage to locate. This past decade of dissonance has yielded over 100 releases by more than 50 artists from all over the world playing a dizzying array of styles.

Rather than rest on those laurels, Nefarious Industries is doubling down on its own stupidity and committing itself to unearthing even more records that would otherwise be confined to some neglected corner of the internet. As any musician that plays left-of-center music knows, promoting a band that doesn't fit into the narrow tastes of the public at large is an expensive and often fruitless endeavor. Our hope is to provide strength in numbers, where each band on the roster exposes their followers to other bands on the roster, ultimately providing a wider swath of open-minded listeners a chance to discover music they had little to no hope of finding on their own.

Want to know more? We sat down with Decibel Magazine to chat about our operation in this rad spotlight feature:

If you seek off-kilter music, Nefarious Industries is the label you need to be following. More a collective of like-minded individuals than a proper record label, Nefarious Industries is home to a diverse array of artists that range from very metal, to metal-related, to not metal at all. Two of Nefarious’ most-trusted operators took the time to speak to Decibel about running “a label that showcases the most adventurous and least commercially viable artists that it can manage to locate.”

Immerse yourself in our eclectic collective as we enter another decade of crime, slime, and grime, continuing to extend our tentacles into far-flung regions of the musical spectrum. Thanks for listening.

Contact Information

For general inquiries please email info@nefariousindustries.com

To inquire about orders placed though our online store contact sales@nefariousindustries.com

For all press inquiries contact Dave Brenner at dave@earsplitcompound.com

Direct all booking inquiries to booking@nefariousindustries.com