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Titan to Tachyons - photo by Karen Jerzyk

TITAN TO TACHYONS: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Morphing Machineminds” From Cactides LP; NYC Trio With Current/Former Orbweaver, Secret Chiefs 3, Cleric, And John Zorn Members To Release Album In August Via Nefarious Industries – Earsplit Compound

photos by Karen Jerzyk New York City-based avant/instrumental metal trio TITAN TO TACHYONS has completed their debut album, Cactides, which is now confirmed for mid-August release through Nefarious Industries. As the record’s details, and preorders, are issued, the lead track and maiden single, … Continue reading

Titan to Tachyons - Cactides

Track Premiere: TITAN TO TACHYONS ‘Morphing Machineminds’ – Decibel Magazine

“A band featuring current and former members of Orbweaver, Gigan, Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Cleric, and John Zorn promises to be weird and TITAN TO TACHYONS does not disappoint. Led by guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Orbweaver, ex-Gigan), the trio blast through six minutes of off-kilter heaviness that is equal parts melodic and dissonant. Take opening track “Morphing Machineminds” as an example—the track is all over the place with its ideas and tempo, but TITAN TO TACHYONS never go off the rails.” – Decibel Magazine

BRENNER & MOLENAAR: Uninvited Savior – House of Prog

“There are deep and dark notes which make me think of a foghorn crying out a warning, yet against that there is a distant melody which makes me think of a fairground luring unwary children to a doom they can never imagine. This is music designed for headphones as one really does need to shut away any extraneous stimuli and instead be taken into a world of BRENNER & MOLENAAR where we can be thankful we are visitors and do not have to stay in that dank and dismal place forever. Not for the fainthearted, this is yet another Brenner release I have found fascinating and compelling, and now I find myself looking to see what Molenaar has also been doing as I feel I need to know. Music which is pushing the very boundaries of the definition.” – House of Prog

GRIDFAILURE: Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery II

Review: GRIDFAILURE Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II – Musique Machine

“…I can say with confidence that GRIDFAILURE is a very peculiar and original project with its own stylistic direction and approach to sound.” – Musique Machine

GRIDFAILURE: Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery II

Review: GRIDFAILURE Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II – Scream Blast Repeat

“It really is that dark and unnerving and coated in the type of misanthropy that makes you ashamed to be a human being. Skulduggery II is not a dystopian album; it’s a prophecy. This is a work of art that transcends music and dares to peer into the abyss.” – Scream Blast Repeat

Underer press photo

UNDERER: Decibel Magazine Streams The Code Debut Album By Cleric Member’s Solo Project; Album Sees Release Via Nefarious Industries Friday; Album Proceeds To Benefit Several Charities – Earsplit Compound

photo by Nick Shellenberger Decibel Magazine is hosting an exclusive advance stream of The Code, the debut album from Camden, New Jersey-based UNDERER – the solo project of Nick Shellenberger of Cleric and Shardik. The stream hits just ahead of the record’s official … Continue reading

UNDERER - The Code

Full Album Stream: UNDERER “The Code” – Decibel Magazine

UNDERER‘s debut album, The Code, is a gloriously chaotic and experimental take on heavy music, informed by the likes of Genghis Tron, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Swarm Of The Lotus. […] The programmed drums add a robotic precision to the shrieked vocals and other instrumentation, which ranges from minimalist ambient to weirdo grind and bizarre doom.” – Decibel Magazine