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SARATTMA is an experimental instrumental post-metal duo whose debut album Escape Velocity is a psychedelic, apocalyptic journey through extraterrestrial landscapes. Drummer Sara Neidorf (Mellowdeath, ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aptera) and guitarist Matt Hollenberg (Cleric, John Frum, John Zorn) weave an intricate fusion of modern improv, punk, jazz, djent, avante-psych-rock, and prog, evoking Frank Zappa, John Zorn, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dysrhythmia, Don Caballero, and Stinking Lizaveta. Their visually arousing music is a cinematic space punk anthem for those grimey enough to have survived the end of days.

Dedicated to Jill Neidorf (1957-2020), Escape Velocity was recorded in July 2019 at Black Spine Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, mixed and engineered by Matt Hollenberg with additional mixing from Steve Roche, guitar re-amping engineered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey, and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves in Queens, New York. The striking cover artwork was created by Caroline Harrison and the layout handled by Erich Kriebel.

With the album’s lead single, Neidorf reveals, “‘Sciatic Haze’ is the first song we’re releasing from Escape Velocity, which is about transportive experiences. Transport might make you think of escape or the ‘elsewhere’ but sometimes it’s an intensely embodied thing. Our own bodies experience pain, like sciatica, and illness in a way which can overtake the system like an alien invasion, a foreign body which warps our senses. Playing music can allow us to access, articulate, and transform overwhelming experiences of pain which are embodied but not verbally expressible. That’s a lot of what the album is- voicing the extraterrestrial within the embodied.”