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NEQUIENT is a four-piece metallic hardcore band from Chicago. Building on a foundation of thrashing d-beat, they draw influences from a broad spectrum of aggressive styles including grindcore, crust, sludge, death metal, black metal, and noise rock. The result is a uniquely punishing sound that emphasizes percussive intensity and razor-sharp hooks.

Formed in 2014, NEQUIENT’s first official release was 2015’s Infinite Regress EP, the start of a longstanding collaboration with producer Pete Grossmann (Immortal Bird, Something Is Waiting, Warforged) at Bricktop Recording in Chicago. Following a few personnel shifts, the group settled on its current configuration and forged a debut full-length, Wolves At The Door, issued in 2018 by Nefarious Industries. Decibel Magazine lent the album its “enthusiastic stamp of approval,” declaring, “NEQUIENT comes blazing in on a misanthropy-fueled ICBM missile.” Ghost Cult Magazine described the band as, “astute musical assassins,” driven by the powerful drumming of, “human tornado,” Chris Avgerin.

On Darker Than Death Or NightNEQUIENT set out to embrace even more diverse sounds than before without sacrificing their tightly honed focus or capacity for vicious sensory assault. This is a singular breed of heavy music: tightly controlled yet satisfyingly grimy, attuned to the anxieties of an uneasy era and unconcerned about fitting into the preconceived boundaries of subgenre. Mixed by Sanford Parker (Voivod, Yob, Eyehategod) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Harm’s Way, Windhand, Pelican), the album features artwork and design by Scott Shellhamer (American Heritage, Buried At Sea, Coffinworm) as well as a guest vocal turn from Eddie Gobbo of Something Is Waiting.

"...10 new songs, musically and lyrically matching the ever-growing sense of anxiety and dread that are part and parcel of modern life. At their most unhinged, NEQUIENT sound like a fusion of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and Combatwoundedveteran—if those bands were feral and sludgy." - Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

"...menacing layers of hardcore, grindcore, thrash, and straight-up gnarly metal. […] In this volatile day and age, it might not seem wise to deliberately incite rage, but Nequient’s fierce, well-crafted fury could snap you out of even the most deadening binge of fatalistic doomscrolling and get your heart focused on what matters again." - Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

"Misfit toy-grind is a suitable description of Darker Than Death or Night—the second full-length from Chicago’s NEQUIENT. It features all the proper characteristics of a grind album—noisy riffs, unhinged vocals, frantic drum beats—but in its original, off-kilter kind of way; the album borrows elements from various genres including death metal, hardcore, doom, and sleekly dresses it all in an irreverent disguise." - New Noise Magazine

"Proper fuckin' excellent weirdo hardcore." - The Heavyist

"NEQUIENT covers a lot of ground on this new album, but what can be gleaned the most from it is an overwhelming amount of justified negativity. We’re fighting a losing battle, and those who represent us, the people, simply don’t get it. We’re thrust into wars we don’t want, dependent on fossil fuels which destroy the environment, and taught to hate one another for superficial and shitty reasons. NEQUIENT is the soundtrack of our frustrations, this angry, chaotic sound of distrust, anger, and voicelessness now given a megaphone." - Invisible Oranges

"NEQUIENT is now streaming their new single "Death Bridge" alongside a music video animated by Cory J. Peak of Closet Witch. The song spans everything from grinding riffs to more thrashy sections, ultimately providing you with a wide range of heaviness to headbang to!" - Metal Injection

"Chicago-based death-metallic hardcore quartet have come back bigger and better on this second full-length, keeping their molten death-crusted sound and spastic-core rhythm driven sound while working in some noise rock influenced swagger for a few slower, edgier pieces." - Grizzly Butts

"The ragged rawness of these tracks is enough to make your gums bleed. […] NEQUIENT has put together one of the fiercest albums I have heard this year. Recommended." - Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog