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The Briefcase

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"The Briefcase is a well dressed business man with a shady work ethic and a violent temper walking down the street (think American Psycho level) while you, unfortunate listener, are a well meaning but down on your luck homeless panhandler. “Excuse me mister but, would you happen to be able to spare some cha…” and the sound of BANGLADEAFY’s Briefcase connecting with the bottom of your open jaw, slamming it shut and splintering your front teeth into an unknown number of pieces replaces the rest of your meager request. Holy shit, right? Yeah. Holy shit indeed." - Crown of Viserys

"The New York bass-and-drum duo’s new six song EP, The Briefcase, is a genre bending tour de force. What’s in the aforementioned briefcase, you might ask? Why, just some of the most jarring and ridiculous tunes you’ll hear this year of course. Each track flows into one another, making for a seamless barrage of whimsical psychosis. The drumming is completely off-the-wall and tight while the bass performance is just as mind-boggling. BANGLADEAFY can roll out cycling, funk-laden grooves one moment and jump flawlessly into rhythmically bastardizing dissonant, math rock riffing the next. BANGLADEAFY are definitely in a league all their own." - American Aftermath

"With The Briefcase, BANGLADEAFY churn out some seriously unusual and spastic combinations of jazz, electronica, and progressive metal/punk. I am immediately reminded of excellent groups like Child Abuse and occasionally Naked City. Songs like “Elixer” and “Tubes” almost make me think of a Venetian Snares track, with strange, glitchy percussion and anomalous tempo and time signature changes that make my head spin. “Show Me the Gold” is one of my favourites, featuring wonderful bass/drum work that is reminiscent of later Neoandertals (Australopithecus in particular). Before I know it, this short, fifteen-minute album is over as quickly and strangely as it began. What a bizarre ride. I’m left wondering what just happened, and wanting more. Better give it another listen. Recommended." - Absolute Hell

"Their drummer is from Bangladesh, and their vocalist/bassist/pianist suffers from sensio-neural hearing loss. Now the name makes sense, right? What doesn't make sense is their brand of math-metal, which explodes with complexity and creativity. Elements of other math-rock and metal bands are in here as well, like trace amounts of Tera Melos and early Dillinger Escape Plan, but overall their sound is pretty damn original." - Houston Press

"This drum and bass duo play just that, drums and bass (with occasional vocals, and some addition flairs thrown in as well) in a very aggressive and somewhat spastic way and yet never once did I feel bored. Maybe you can blame that on the fact that this release is six songs long and only the closer, "Pest Control", tops three minutes. It's a lesson in frenetic songwriting because these two guys take what is essentially some of my favorite ideas and do them. This was an absolute treat and is definitely one of my favorite EPs to drop this year. It's awesome, not much more I can say besides that." - Don't Count On It

"The Briefcase sees BANGLADEAFY make use of an array of instrumentation and effects, including old-time piano on 'Tubes,' and at the start of the track 'Show Me The Gold' there is a sample of a bee swarm or a fly swarm, and a sample that sounds like it is from a Western with that pan-flute sounding noise you hear in cowboy movies. The heavy synth intro to the final track 'Pest Control' is pretty interesting. This track also features a pogo-sounding effect at the beginning before what sounds like an 8-bit crowd cheer, and then some organ sounding bits that keeps it all very surprising and interesting then finishes off very dramatically with a piano solo amid some creepy synth. Indeed the whole album is fucking creepy […] The collection clocks in at a brief 14.8 minutes, yet The Briefcase packs in more ideas than the usual human might have across several hours in a day." - Sardless

"This is a bass-thumping, hobo-jumping, slack-jawing release that has no discernible genre. The New Yorkers come together to offer you fun-fuelled music with a massive splash of schizoid metal. Since their inception in 2009, the formidable duo have grown fast. They are like an oak tree standing out amongst weathered bushes that will never grow tall." - Metalmouth

"BANGLADEAFY is one of the most original, and straight-up weird (we mean that as a compliment) acts we’ve heard in quite some time. Which is why we’re proud to debut “Elixir” an instrumental jam from their new EP, The Briefcase. We’re not even quite sure how the hell to describe it to you… it’s like proggy tech metal mixed with funk mixed with jazz mixed with punk mixed with LSD. Really, that’s the best description we can come up with. You should really just listen and experience this insanity for yourself." - MetalSucks