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Blight House formed in the swamps of southern Rhode Island in 2014 when Frank Owen Gorey took ill with a fever in the height of the summer heat. Quarantined to a dark, clammy, moldering basement, he shredded his guitar through waves of febrile dementia, for days on end, until the fever broke. Emerging from confinement and reviewing the odious audio left behind, he called upon his colleague Frank Lloyd Blight to lend a disgusting, phlegmatic layer to the disorienting, spasmodic riffs Gorey had spewed during his subterranean convalescence. The result was Blight House’s first, self-released, self-titled album of grinding death metal.

Neither of the Franks is well, and through subsequent years of unspeakable suffering they continued to bleed, blast, blister, and blaspheme through more recordings, refining their take on extreme heavy metal. Continuing Blight House’s fixations on themes including horror, wrestling, the occult, and love, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre (Nefarious Industries 2018) offers 10 tracks rife with earworms as bountiful as maggots on road-kill. Layers of monstrous vocals, disturbing samples, and swarming, occasionally melodic riffs make each track memorable in its own right while presenting an overall aesthetic of insanity, terror, and senseless, all-consuming rage.

"It’s fitting that we’re closer to Halloween talking about Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre from BLIGHT HOUSE since it’s a collection of gore fueled death metal that borders on sickening thrums of noise. If that sounds dreary and terrorizing it’s supposed to, it’s the way this album was designed: to do tap dances on that part of your stomach that churns at the sight (or sound in this case) of something deeply unsettling." - Nine Circles

"Spawned from self-quarantined delirium and manifesting as a never ending fever dream Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is only the latest offense extruded from Rhode Island’s BLIGHT HOUSE. It’s howling deathly mush of slammed grindcore resolves as a meaty paste of awkward and hellish death metal music. Wretched, violently-crapped bedroom bilge meets hardcore grooves and British grind/death influences for a blasting shitbeast of an album; I’m honestly not knocking the thing, it is fabulously stupid and disturbing. I will never get tired of the sort of samples that folks put into this type of music and only wish they’d have gone a different route with the drums so that they didn’t sound like bad early 00’s industrial black metal." - Grizzly Butts

"Combines the likes of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer, and Napalm Death into something that is intense, massively over the top, surreal, dark and twisted. […] For those who want their music to be massively over the top and filled with blood then this is essential. The sound is a solid wall of noise, with little in the way of clarity, totally unintelligible vocals, and production that took place in a dungeon somewhere. It’s extreme, over the top, and although it probably isn’t the reaction the band expected, it makes me smile as it is just so much fun." - FRaME Music

"I can’t tell if this is the coolest, sickest, or dumbest death metal record I’ve heard this year. I can confidently go with “most unsettling” though, and that in itself has proven rather intriguing. The guitar sound is a disgusting mire that surges and grinds perpetually. The bass rumbles away at a subterranean frequency, producing a marked click every time a string is struck. The distorted (or so I hope) vocals sound decidedly inhuman, whether it’s the raspy snarling or the lower than low bubbling gutturals. […] I keep coming back to this, and that worries me deeply." – Hans / Toilet Ov Hell

"Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is the sophomore album from the Rhode Island gore/death duo BLIGHT HOUSE. The title is reminiscent of a low-budget, cheesy horror movie, and the numerous samples they include throughout the album reinforce the vibe. The music is crushing, oppressive death metal with dense riffs and guttural vocals. The songs are brief, most in the two to three minute range, doing maximum damage in a short amount of time. The tempos are generally fast and flailing, although they slow down from time to time, such as the beginning of “You Deserve This.” The ten tracks fly by in just over 20 minutes, leaving an auditory massacre in its wake, living up to the album title." - Heavy Music Headquarters

"First things first: BLIGHT HOUSE‘s Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is not a pornogrind album, nor is it loaded with misogyny and other such topics. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to talk about Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, an album loaded with enough slams, blasts and ways to describe disembowelment to last you a lifetime. If you’re into gory, brutal death metal, BLIGHT HOUSE have a unique take on the sound, throwing in bits of grind and enough horror samples to keep things fresh." - Decibel Magazine

"“What the fuck is this shit?!?” Those were the first thoughts running through my mind on my maiden spin of Rhode Island death/gore lunatics BLIGHT HOUSE’s Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre. Categorizing the band as death metal is merely a convenient reference point. This isn’t death metal. This is the soundtrack for the most brutal horror film you’ve never seen. Indeed, the album title alone is what first sparked my interest. But, if you think this is going to be a fun romp through the woods as you’re chased by a faceless slasher, you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. Though only clocking in at 24-minutes across 10 songs, the material here feels longer. It’s definitely an experience. Claustrophobic, merciless, blasphemous, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre sounds like instruments are being tortured in the process of recording the songs." - The Void Report

"“Immaculate Rejection” kicks like a mule, with big bounding and skull-whomping grooves guaranteed to bob your head like a piston, and bursts of viciously swarming riffage tailor-made for windmilling heads. All that is addictive enough, but the weirdly warbling lead in the song might be the most unexpectedly addictive aspect of it. As you listen to that, it’s not hard to imagine the leering face of a demon flickering in your peripheral vision as you move to the compulsive momentum of everything else happening in the song. Perhaps the guttural roars and goblin shrieks that provide vocal accompanimen have something to do with such freakish visions." - No Clean Singing

"Rhode Island brutal death metallers BLIGHT HOUSE are poised to release their sophomore full-length album on August 3 via Nefarious Industries. Titled Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, the forthcoming effort will feature 10 new tracks of gore-soaked, disemboweling death metal that shreds and slams." - Svbterranean