Suicide By Citizenship
Suicide By Citizenship
Suicide By Citizenship
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Gridfailure // Walking Bombs

Suicide By Citizenship


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Release Date: April 26, 2019
Catalog ID: NEF-52

4-panel Eco-Wallet, featuring all album lyrics and expanded cover art/design by David Brenner.

Suicide By Citizenship is a fully collaborative musical experiment from Hudson Valley, New York solo outfits/collaborator magnets WALKING BOMBS and GRIDFAILURE. The album features guest contributions from a spectrum of artists from the likes of TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Kylesa, All Out War, Built To Spill, Globelamp, Full Scale Riot, Megalophobe, and more.

Incepted by WALKING BOMBS’ Morgan Y. Evans and GRIDFAILURE’s David Brenner who created the album with producer Jay Andersen (Surmiser), Suicide By Citizenship is an album created to challenge its own creators with the intent of combining sounds from two outfits located on polar opposite ends of the underground music spectrum. The record blends a wealth of genres into a dystopian alloy of improvised jams, rife with discontent for the contemporary state of American politics, and more specifically, the current administration’s actions and policies.

01 Armchair Expert
02 Blood Offering Distraction
03 Bare Shores Bleed
04 Supply And Demand Of The American Soul
05 Now We Know Who You Are
06 Suicide By Citizenship
07 Aneurhythmic
08 Bleeding Out

WALKING BOMBS is Morgan Ywain Evans (vocals, bass, trombone, hand drums) with Jay Andersen (drums, synth, guitar)

GRIDFAILURE is David Brenner (vocals, guitar, bass, hand drums, digital drums/percussion, harmonica, electronics, field recordings, theremin)

Suicide By Citizenship was produced by Jay Andersen, Morgan Y. Evans, and David Brenner. Concept and lyrics by Morgan Y. Evans and David Brenner. Cover artwork, photography, logos, and design by David Brenner with additional photos by Morgan Evans.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jay Andersen at Bohemesphere Studios, Saugerties, NY, in several sessions between November 2017 and November 2018, with additional recording and mixing handled by David Brenner at The Compound, Valley Cottage, NY. Elizabeth Le Fey’s and Morgan Evans’ vocals for “Bare Shores Bleed” recorded by Le Fey at The Gold Cage, Kingston, NY. Laura Pleasants’ guitar and storm recordings for “Aneurhythmic” self-recorded in Savannah, GA. Tad Doyle’s contributions were self-recorded at Witch Ape Studios, Seattle, WA. Benjamin Levitt’s contributions were self-recorded at Forked Audio, Brooklyn, NY. Brett Netson's guitars on “Bare Shores Bleed” self-recorded at Tonic Room Studios, Boise, ID.

Additional contributions provided by:
Laura Pleasants (Kylesa, The Discussion) - guitar, field recordings on “Aneurhythmic”
Mike Score (All Out War) - vocals on “Bleeding Out”
Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth) - drums, guitar, vocals on “Now We Know Who You Are”
Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Earth, Snakes) - guitar on “Bare Shores Bleed”
Elizabeth Le Fey (Globelamp) - vocals on “Bare Shores Bleed”
BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot) - drums/percussion on “Now We Know Who You Are” and “Aneurhythmic”
Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe) - accordion on “Bare Shores Bleed” and “Now We Know Who You Are”
Johnny Piper (Alternative Ulster) - bagpipe drone on “Blood Offering Distraction”
Kali Quinn and Nick Vining - additional vocals on “Now We Know Who You Are”