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Noisy, brash, concise; DON’T GROW OLD strives to challenge listeners with the density of noise rock, the chaos of post-hardcore, and the brevity and intensity of screamo. Formed in late 2018 when Bill Contois (Lazertüth, Keefshovel) approached Joshua Lemaire (Tape Eater) at a Bangladeafy show, the two tapped drummer Mike Ashley (Ra Ra Riot, Blind Mice) and manifested a riff pile with M. Connor (Losst, California Smile, The Viennagram). In the subsequent months DON’T GROW OLD released their debut EP With The Rotation Of The Earth (2020, The Ghost Is Clear Records) and performed a string of regional shows just as the dark days of Covid loomed. Mid-pandemic, the band explored this dismal era’s ubiquitous feelings of depression, helplessness, anxiety, and existential dread, focusing them into two bleak new songs for a split 7” release with BURR. 

Born from friendship, coffee, and the long and grey Providence winters, instrumental metal band BURR’s sound is as colossal as it is melodic. BURR blends the sheer wall of sonic force of traditional doom metal with spaced out soundscapes that take the listener on an intentional, punishing, meditative, and resolving journey track after track. Formed in 2017 by drummer Casey Belisle, guitarist Mike Dantowitz, and bassist Justin Enis, the group released their debut full-length Radial Alignment – recorded, mixed, and mastered at Big Nice Studio – in 2019, and played a series of shows in the Providence/New England area pre-pandemic. As isolation, anxiety, fear, frustration, and anger have continued to build over the last couple of years, the trio have returned to Big Nice Studio to record sounds representing these feelings. This second stint in the studio yielded the 2020 single “Underdeveloped” and, with pace and aural endurance, BURR now presents its first physical record, manifested in the split 7” with DON’T GROW OLDBURR is also excited to once again hit the studio in January 2022 to record their second album at Machines With Magnets.

With DON’T GROW OLD’s portion recorded and mixed by Clinton Lisboa at Railroad Park Recording Co. in Westport, Massachusetts, and BURR’s side of the split recorded and mixed by Bradford Krieger at Big Nice Studio in Lincoln, Rhode Island, the full split was mastered by Zach Weeks at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts (The Armed, Genghs Tron, Fuming Mouth), and completed with photography and layout by William Contois.

"While BURR whirs through a penetrating doom, New Bedford’s DON'T GROW OLD sound like they grew up on the blistering constraint of Botch and Jane Doe-era Converge." - Motif

”…if you’re hankering for those days when screamo exploded messily outward into the realms of noise-rock, post-hardcore and clanking post-metal.” - Collective Zine