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Nefarious Industries enthusiastically welcomes Georgia-based riffmanglers DYING WHALE to their rapidly-expanding commune of chaos, and is plotting the early 2017 release of their recently completed Last Moments Of Misery album.

DYING WHALE is an unpredictable force of chaos. They have been dishing out their own breed of genre-defying and intentionally confounding doom-punk since 2010, hitting the road constantly and destroying clubs along the way. Last Moments Of Misery was tracked at Earthsound Studios in the band’s hometown of Valdosta, Georgia, with engineer/producer Lee Dyess (Mayday Parade, From First to Last, I Set My Friends on Fire), and features vocal contributions from Rich Weinberger (Gatherers), Jeff Hill (Machinist!), Kelby Clark (Divorce Ring), Nannen Gatchell (Smiler), and Victor Skamiera (Fero Lux). Unifying elements of metal, sludge, and hardcore with ferociously raw emotional delivery, Last Moments of Misery molds the listening experience and will leave you breathless.

"Tracks from this year’s Last Moments Of Misery: “Black Sky Absorbs You In,” “Thorn Sized Wounds,” “The Tear Between Life And Love,” “Dreading My Exclusion.” That whale is a real mope." - The A.V. Club

"DYING WHALE rides between the steps of doom and the waves of panic with Last Moments of Misery. […] There is little comfort to be found here..." - Indy Metal Vault

"...despite the somewhat shorter song duration the material is so energized and ass kicking that you feel like you got your mosh nut. […] DYING WHALE also have a clear punk streak which makes the material sharper and more urgent, less plodding or worried about proving they are evil metal dudes and more interested in just peeling your face off." - Metal Riot

"The album kicks off with opener 'Black Sky Absorbs You In', a two minute rager that puts the band’s obvious Jesus Lizard influence way up front. […] 'One Final First Kiss' spends four minutes in David Yow inspired Hell, with some completely unhinged vocals, heavy bass and drum work, and some guitar playing that just comes at you from all directions. […] 'The Cloud I Hold' is a three minute slab of absolute vocal and musical insanity. How do you describe this? It’s non-stop fury, righteous anger channeled through precise instrumentation camouflaged by absolutely thunderous riffing. You’re gonna need a nap after you listen to this thing." - Rock! Shock! Pop!

"a monster... bringing to mind Keelhaul, Kylesa, and Kalibas. […] Sludgy in spots, hardcore in others, but all the while held together by threads of aggression and—if you listen closely enough—subtle beauty." - New Noise Magazine

"Between their fun-but-technical riffing and occasional experimention, they have plenty of what you're looking for. You'll recieve plenty of bruises from the typical hardcore flair, but be ready for some interesting side steps into odd territory like the Danny Elfman-ish passage in 'One Final First Kiss,' the noisey, sludgy intro and Buckley-esque singing of "Distress," or the odd mantras of 'Denial.'" - Metal Trenches

"Last Moments of Misery is a throwback to the early days of the American hardcore scene with a metallic twist. It’s raw, emotional, and all types of nasty. The songs sound like they were born on the beer-and-piss-soaked floors of a graffiti-covered punk house. No fancy recording tricks, no production sweetening; just wild-eyed and heavy. Don’t get in DYING WHALE’s way. You’re just going to get hurt. RIYL: Converge, All Else Failed, Trap Them" - Toilet ov Hell

"Crossing bits of Association Area, Botch, Cave In, Gallows, Shai Hulud, Will Haven and others, Last Moments of Misery is a surprisingly varied and engaging release that covers a lot of bases in its relatively short playing time. The band obviously have their own individualistic vision for what they want to achieve and as far as I can tell they tick all of the necessary boxes on this album." - Wonderbox Metal

"This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a DYING WHALE, howling at the forces of cosmic creation and the celestial forge in which they were unleashed countless aeons ago. Born in a screaming vortex of untampered heavy fury, DYING WHALE have harnessed and fused the spirits and energy of Catharsis, Tragedy, Buzzov-en, Turmoil, and Logical Nonsense and with Last Moments of Misery have sent their missive of exalted metallic hardcore destruction out into the masses to reap, rend and tear at, and as it, will. Rejoice, for DYING WHALE is here and the end is nigh…" - Mass Movement

"...frantic riffing, energetic vocals and a hardcore breakdown are all territory DYING WHALE treads in less than two minutes. And the whole record is like that." - Decibel Magazine

"Last Moments of Misery is a rambunctious, unpredictable record that will batter and bruise, but will leave fans of volatile hardcore with stupid grins on their faces. This record is turbulent, savage, complex, and is a massive leap forward for this Georgia band." - Svbterranean

"...a relentless hardcore band with a dash of noisecore thrown in for good measure. There are hints of bands like Unsane in this sound, but DYING WHALE is faster and more technical. It’s good stuff, no doubt, and it sounds nothing like you’d expect. Some noise-driven hardcore is just what the doctor ordered, so turn up the volume and crank DYING WHALE. You won’t regret it." - Nerdist

"DYING WHALE's music is a more than exciting combination of hardcore punk, metal, and sludge. Some people call this post hardcore. However, genres come and go. Creativity is what matters and this is the case here. I think we have struck gold." - Tzertzelos