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Problem With Immortality

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  • Problem With Immortality
    DYING WHALE - Problem With Immortality

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Following a four-year gap in new material since their thundering Last Moments Of Misery album, DYING WHALE comes slamming back in 2021, announcing Problem With Immortality. The succinct but damaging two-song EP features two new tracks which showcase the band’s stripped-down and lethal two-man lineup of vocalist/bassist/guitarist Matt Zagorski and drummer Eli Werth. “Destroyer Of Light” and “Biblical Image” were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Earthsound Studios with engineer/producer Lee Dyess (Mayday Parade, From First to Last, I Set My Friends on Fire) and completed with artwork by Alex Miracle.

The video for DYING WHALE’s “Biblical Image” was filmed and edited by Matt Zagorski and hosted by Mathcore Index, who announced the band’s upcoming performance at Mathcore Index Festival 2021, a free, four-day, livestreamed event running July 15th through July 18th with Limbs, Juan Bond, Bone Cutter, Pupil Slicer, The Arson Choir, Agent Mulder, and many others.

DYING WHALE is writing additional new material and will return to the studio this Summer to record their next LP for release in 2022.