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GEMATRIA is a collaboration between Ray Suhy (Six Feet Under, Cannabis Corpse, ex-East Of The Wall) and Steve Honoshowsky (Daughter Vision, Billy Martin’s Fang Percussion, No Use For Humans). The two had talked of collaborating for years and finally began working on music together in 2017. Steve had a bunch of tracks that he’d been working and approached Ray to help finish them up.

The songs on Gematria were composed by using elements of gematria, a Qabbalistic numerological system of relating words to numbers, and the writings of Aleister Crowley to help generate rhythmic and melodic ideas. The tracks were initially conceived by Steve in his home studio using synths and electric percussion as well as heavily effected electric bass and guitars. Ray then wrote melodies and textures over these tracks utilizing a chromatic, jazz-like approach to his parts while utilizing spitting, fuzzy guitar tones. The duo then entered Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, New Jersey to record guitars and mix and master the EP with Adam Vacarrelli.

"The eclectic duo of Ray Suhy (ex-East of the Wall, Six Feet Under) and Steve Honoshowsky (Daughter Vision, No Use For Humans) craft hallucinogenic prog rock with their GEMATRIA project. The band’s unique writing method involves the use of its namesake, gematria, which is a Qabbalistic numerological system that relates words to numbers, as well as the works of Aleister Crowley for rhythmic and melodic ideas. This very ambitious and esoteric approach to writing is reflecting in the band’s bizarre sound, as one can imagine." - Svbterranean

"This pushes the boundaries of instrumental music much further. Like, this is something that you could hear in your nightmares, this is something you could hear on an acid trip […] If Salvador Dali or Jackson Pollock were to make an album, it would be an album that sounds like this." - Heavy New York

"This adept Red Bank, NJ-based duo deliver delicious sounds thanks to their experimental avant-garde rock that’s infused with electronic, synth, and even jazz. Welcome to the sonic world of GEMATRIA." - PureGrainAudio

"Writing about music, the saying goes, is like dancing about architecture… but rarely has music defied description quite the way GEMATRIA’s material does. It’s… gothic, progressive electro-mathgaze-jazzcore? […] We guarantee it is the most thought-provoking, unique thing you will hear today. And probably this week. And likely this month. Very possibly this year." - MetalSucks