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Ghost Simpson

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Melissa and Lee Chernowetz craft ethereal and Gothic soundscapes on this semi-conceptual release in which each song tells a supernatural tale.

"The Silver Arrow." The damned are forced to ride the ghost train for as long as the living expect to see it.

"Spookhaus." In the spookhaus is a hall of mirrors. Mirrors are gateways to the nether. More than mortals have been misled on their journey through the reflections.

"Leatherman." A poor vagabond begs for bread and sleeps where he can. Little do the people know that the Leatherman is a zdhuac. Every night when he falls asleep, his spirit ascends to the sky and defends them all from the demons of the air and weather.

"A Storm Approaches." A peaceful day on the sea. The young lady plays her phonograph. A sudden storm approaches.

"Mary Celeste." All passengers on the Mary Celeste were swept overboard. The ghost of a young woman who had been journeying home continues her voyage though her bones rest deep below the briney blue.

"I Know that Ghosts Have Wandered the Earth." Enduring affections cause the living to call upon the dead to rise again and remain past their tenure.

"Ghost Simpson is an exploratory EP that introduces the band that is its namesake perfectly. There are reference points here from the progressive synth experiments of acts like Banco De Gaia and System 7 to the ambient dub of The Orb (themselves explorers of the space originally occupied by the likes of Pink Floyd and Yes). […] It’s a dark, brooding, gothic atmosphere the duo conjure, the music rooted in the post-punk experimentation of the early eighties […] a woozy style that recalls a dark underground nightclub where the blues-loving patrons have all been doped with ketamine and left drooling for a night of psychedelic noise and half-observed flashes of distorted reality. […] In this age of endless derivation, GHOST SIMPSON have tapped into something truly different." - Sonic Abuse

"New York-based moody synth duo GHOST SIMPSON are set to release their debut self-titled EP on December 1 via Nefarious Industries. Lee and Melissa Chernowetz, with the aid of drummer Greg Meisenberg (Maid Myriad, A Fucking Elephant), craft ethereal and Gothic soundscapes on this semi-conceptual release in which each song tells a supernatural tale. We at American Aftermath are stoked to bring you the opening cut from the EP, “The Silver Arrow”. Pulsating electronics and ghostly synths make up the bulk of this tune spearheaded by Melissa Chernowetz’s crooning." - American Aftermath

"NYC duo GHOST SIMPSON's impressive debut EP is a highly gothic affair; haunted electronic soundscapes swirl above the beguiling vocals of Melissa Chernowetz. Her seductive narratives of terror and the unknown at once create ethereal pleasure then unease." - Pseu Braun, WFMU, NJ