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Elizabeth Le Fey, aka GLOBELAMP, returns in 2018 with Romantic Cancer, her most stripped down album to date. In 2016 Wichita Records released The Orange Glow, her 2nd full length album. The Orange Glow was a certain concept to Le Fey, a deceptively alluring light along the lines of “all that glitters is not gold”.

This time Le Fey struck East to record a more direct third album focusing on healing. She accomplishes nothing less than reclaiming her own narrative.

GLOBELAMP’s unique voice and sound has received wide ranging praise, from famed rock critic Everett True plugging her on his popular blog to Noisey calling The Orange Glow ”…a Wuthering Heights narrative for the Haight Ashbury heyday.” Author Francesca Lia Block once wrote of Le Fey that ,”With a voice that can be either ethereal or savage, shimmery as California sunshine through the leaves of redwoods, or dark as a Washington rainstorm, but always haunting.”

For Romantic Cancer Le Fey headed to the Catskill Mountains to record near picturesque Woodstock, NY and get a break from some of the social artifice in the L.A. scene. Her newest collection of songs are a vibrant outburst of acoustic emo and even pop influences co-existing seamlessly with the blend of indie, sixties and faerie vibes she is known for.

Romantic Cancer was recorded in December of 2017 at Bohemesphere Studios by engineer Jay Andersen and features contributions from James Felice (The Felice Brothers, Conor Oberst) and singer/writer Morgan Ywain Evans (Walking Bombs,

"Drawing up a wide range of influences, GLOBELAMP appeals to fans of "lost" '60s and '70s folksingers such as Vashti Bunyan or Judee Sill as well as contemporary artists such as Myrkur and Waxahachie. With added flashes of emo and lo-fi music, the appeal broadens, and one is left with an album and an artist that will leave you reeling." - PopMatters

"With GLOBELAMP, Le Fey brings out the ‘magical’ side of her imagination, conjuring into being faerie and witch-folk songs that have only before existed in her mind or as written poetry in her youth. Yet while Le Fey’s vocals and presentation may be from a fantasy realm, her lyrics are rooted in reality. […] The engaging “Everything’s A Spiral” is a spare, but shining alt-folk tune that glows with Le Fey’s silky acoustic guitar strum and strikes and her airily sweet vocals. Luminous synth notes hover in the background adding even more radiance to the song." - Stereo Embers

"GLOBELAMP strays far from traditional technique; her quavering voice and outlandish phrasing choices deters the average ear, and draws in a fan-base of those with a taste for underground and experimental work. Regardless of whether or you like or dislike it, GLOBELAMP’s voice rattles like a ghost through listeners cranium long after hearing it." - College Media Network

"The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere “Sorceress of Your Soul”, a spellbinding dream-folk storyteller. The first half of the tune is more subdued, imbued with acoustic guitar strum, wavering vintage piano notes, and the occasional pull of accordion notes that sounds like warm strings. The second half swells more intensely with rising accordion notes and briskly struck guitar lines, while throughout, Le Fey’s expressive, light, and fluttering vocals move from dreamy to sharp and back again." - The Big Takeover