Suicide By Citizenship

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  • Suicide By Citizenship
    Gridfailure // Walking Bombs


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"Four out of eight songs in and the main note I want to present is that while there may not be clear cut connections between every song, this record seems to have a natural cohesion in how it is sequenced which is not easy. If you add in the experimental nature of David Brenner (GRIDFAILURE) and Morgan Y. Evans (WALKING BOMBS) musical output as well as the varied collaborators they worked with on this release, I think it'd be fair for some to think any flow or cohesion in the material would be impossible but Suicide by Citizenship is a uniquely unified experience that I think is meant to throw the listener as off balance as it is to pull them in." - No Echo

"New York dark/heavy music solo projects WALKING BOMBS (aka Morgan Y. Evans) and GRIDFAILURE (aka David Brenner) have teamed up to release a collaborative album, Suicide By Citizenship, and it features tons of impressive guests, including Laura Pleasants (Kylesa), Tad Doyle (Tad), Mike Score (All Out War), Brett Netson (ex-Built to Spill, Caustic Resin), Elizabeth Le Fey (Globelamp), BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), and more. As you’d probably expect from a diverse cast like that, the album is all over the place in a good way. It’s got everything from abrasive, noisy industrial parts to atmospheric dream pop, and it’s a real trip." - BrooklynVegan

"WALKING BOMBS and GRIDFAILURE, two of the most abrasive, unholy entities to emerge from New York's Hudson Valley, have teamed up for a new musical experiment, Suicide By Citizenship […] This is the arrival of a new weird, something that moves beyond the traditional boundaries of noise/avant-garde/experimental and toward something that is utterly hypnotic and hallucinatory in its sense of despair and the death grips of hopelessness." - PopMatters